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Mr. Greenspan Goes to Washington, Shock and Disbelief

Alan Greenspan goes to Washington.  And this time he sounds more like Jimmy Stewart as the naive Boy Scout leader who is appointed to the Senate in the movie “Mr.  Smith Goes to Washington.”  The Jimmy Stewart character is a Boy Scout, full of innocence, always hopeful, and believing in the honesty of others.  He […]

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Election Anxiety

Only the fools are not nervous about this election.  Too much is at stake.  By every measurement this country is worse off than it was eight years ago – and the decline continues.  Every news cycle brings new anxiety – new fears for our future.  And there remains uncertainty in the election outcome. The Bush […]

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The Prophecy of Barack Obama

Two years ago Barack Obama decided to run for President of the United States.  There were others.  Seasoned politicians.  Politicians who have been representing people in an official capacity for years.  Each of the candidates spoke to the people.  Each presented their case.  Obama said, “This is about change.” We the people cheered. Think of […]

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Justifying Political Tactics

We are talking about the Presidency of the United States of America in 2008.  The most powerful and influential position in the entire world.  All the world watches, waits, anticipates, frets, worries, holds their breath.  What is at stake here?  Here it is, as America goes so goes the world.  For the candidates we are […]

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Obama, Kennedy, Lincoln, Jefferson

Great men.  Men of honor, of words.  Words do matter, and these four, Obama, Kennedy, Lincoln, and Jefferson demonstrate the point.  We in America are blessed that men who commanded words also commanded the birth of this nation. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”  […]

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McCain – the Dark Arts of Rovian Politics

The campaign for President has entered a troubling time.  The McCain Camp is stirring the pot, adding some spice, flavoring with acidic language, hoping for a secret potion.  The stew is beginning to boil, steam is wafting, dark clouds forming, and the warlock is pleased.  The dark arts of Rovian politics never produce positive results.  […]

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The Ayers of Christian Redemption

American values are crossing swords in the 2008 Election for President of the United States.  Conflicting values are not unusual.  Actually, conflicting values come our way every day.  Such is the nature of ethics.  One such conflict is apparent in the redemption of former Weatherman Bill Ayers.  The social turmoil of the 1960’s continues to […]

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Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Is anyone surprised?  Not this writer.  Obama has all the qualities of leadership that Colin Powell would admire.  With the endorsement on Meet The Press, Powell talked about his admiration for both candidates. Powell brought up all of the issues we have been concerned with. Powell talked about the style and substance of the McCain […]

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“Give’em Hell Barry”

In 1948 Harry Truman was desperate to win the White House.  He had been president for over three years – but he ascended to the throne via the death of Franklin Roosevelt.  Truman was not popular.  The Republican Thomas Dewey led in the polls and in monetary donations.  The pollsters stopped polling two weeks before […]

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McCain Likes A Surge – He Should Try One

John McCain’s Camp is being raided by insurgents.  His allies have gone home to take care of their own business.  The terror of liberalism is reconstituting in the Red States.  Border skirmishes are being lost to the ground game of the Obama Camp.   McCain needs to call his buddy General David Patraeus. General Patraeus is […]

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McCain has been Doled and Gored

What happened to John McCain?  Our thought is that McCain has been Doled and Gored.  We are speaking of course of Bob Dole and Al Gore.  Both Dole and Gore ran for President – both of them lost.  After the elections both Dole and Gore returned to their natural persona’s.  Where was that guy, we […]

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We don’t want to see this headline again.  It was 1948.  Harry Truman was running to capture the White House on his own merit.  He had been Vice President to Franklin Roosevelt when Roosevelt passed away in 1945.  Truman was not popular and was challenged by Thomas Dewey – the darling of the Republican Party.  […]

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Finding John McCain

The Presidential race of 2008 is arguably the most anticipated race in history. The economy is weak, we are torn over the war in Iraq, health care has diminished, the unemployment rate is up, and America’s 40 hour workers are scared. Through democracy America has chosen 2 people they feel best to lead this country […]

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Iraq Surge, Republican Purge

The country has become bloated on the red meat of Republican leadership and politics.  In desperation the voters are running to the secrecy of their voting booth to purge the atrocities. We live in Punkin Center, Missouri.  We are in the 6th Congressional District.  The three term Republican Congressman Sam Graves, a gentleman farmer, is […]

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Ohg Rea Tone on Demise of Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh sucked the life out of the Reagan Ideology. Brutally dragging the mantle of a great man into the gutters of hate and despair, Rush and his cohorts have twisted and distorted reason into book sales, advertising, government corruption, torture, war mongering, nation building, and finally economic despair for most Americans. Fanaticism is a […]

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Who is That Masked Man? (Obama)

Every time we hear McCain or Palin say, “Who is Barack Obama?” we have to laugh to ourselves.  They remind us of the town folks in the small town that has just been rescued by The Lone Ranger – they always ask, “Who was that Masked Man?”  The next person marvels, “I don’t know.  But […]

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McCain Has Become Irrelevant

John McCain is speaking as we type this post.  McCain is presenting his new economic plan.  The fourth or fifth iteration in the past three weeks.  No one is listening because we all know that in two days, or a week, McCain will have a new and different proposal.  McCain is playing to the polls […]

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McCain is Mean Spirited – Slams Congressman Lewis

Congressman John Lewis has condemned the McCain Campaign for ‘…sowing the seeds of hate and division..” and he mentioned the segregationist Governor George Wallace. John Lewis is characterized as a ‘measured man’ – careful with his language…  There are few men in Congress as respected as John Lewis. This writer believes that John McCain has […]

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Obama’s Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

Barack Obama is  on a journey.  The destination is unknown, but every mountain, every valley, every raging river will be crossed with determination, with hope, with optimism.  The forest is full of danger, the valley in the shadow of death, Obama fears no evil. Obama knows that the truth is with him.  His cup is […]

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Greatest Generation – And Neocons.

Our father was a veteran of World War II.  He came home with four Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart, never to speak of his experience.  He kept his silence until his death at age eighty-five.  He did not talk about the atrocities of war because the memories were too painful.  As America entered other […]

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John McCain is Dangerous

There is no other way to say this – John McCain is Dangerous.  We marvel at how McCain’s temper has been dismissed by his colleagues as passion or masculine maturity.  John McCain is an abusive person. This video is partisan – we admit – but the people are real and their perspective is real.  And […]

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McCain Disgraces Greatest Generation

The McCain campaign has catered to the Skin Head, Nazi, KKK, white supremacy mentality.  We know John McCain, he has been around a long time.  McCain has never catered to the wacko class of degenerate Rush Limbaugh followers.  So what happened? Falling poll numbers prompted desperation.  The McCain camp has been like a rat backed […]

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When We Oppose An American War

What happens when we the people do not agree with a war our government has engaged? We have seen this before, we are seeing it happen now – and we will probably see it again in the future. Are there boundaries of protest? Are there definitions of war that all of us can agree on?

This writer has been as perplexed as anyone on the issue of Iraq. We Americans were united in our determination to punish the people who attacked our country on September 11, 2001. In less than two months Afghanistan was on fire, the Taliban scurrying for cover, and Al Quaeda running for the hills of Tora Bora. All of us cheered the success of our military.

This writer is a child of the 1960’s, we turned 18 during the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. America was losing 300 soldiers each week in this restricted police action. There was no end in sight and the country united against the war.

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McCain-An American Patriot

There is a lot of talk about Senator McCain being nothing more than a bitter, nasty, war mongering, blood thirsty, terrorist of a man. Oh and he is a POW. My friends, have you forgotten how angry America was when the towers were bombed? Maybe those directly affected remember, but not the general public. People […]

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Obama, McCain, Townhall Debate, 10-7-2008

Obama and McCain  will be facing off tonight in a Town hall style debate.  This is a format that McCain has favored.  During the primaries, when McCain was down in the polls and in money, he resurrected his campaign with a town hall format.  McCain is relaxed in smaller groups of people, talking freely with […]

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Democrats are Complicit in Economic Collapse

Democrats and Republicans mixed the Perfect Economic Storm.  A big part of the collapse of Wall Street should rightly be put at the feet of the Wall Street Bankers.  These are the ‘experts’ who were charged with managing the bank’s resources.  Our government sanctioned lunacy in the banking industry – but that does not excuse […]

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McCain and the Keating Situation

I have to admit, I was one of the people in the late eighties that was in middle school, listening to the Beastie Boys and trying to get away with not showering in gym class.  I don’t remember Charles Keating.  I watch the news today and have no recollection of a time when this was […]

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The Tragedy of Sarah Palin

The McCain Campaign is absolutely ruthless.  These folks will use and abuse anyone necessary for a win at the polls.  Caught up in this disaster of morality is Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska.  Palin has to own some of the choices she makes – but the allure of power has distorted her powers of […]

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Ethics in Journalism – Seek Truth

The internet has thrown the world of journalism off balance.  The reality today is that anyone can be their own publisher and editor.  The Society of Professional Journalists have a code of ethics.  These ethics are the definition of right and wrong in reporting news. The Fireside Post is doing a series on ethics in […]

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Letterman with Brian Williams

This is just a fascinating segment on David Letterman.  Letterman, as most know, has been after McCain for a week – McCain bailed out on a Letterman segment.  But to have Brian Williams on this talk/comedy show brings up issues that would really be funny if they were not so serious. Brian Williams notes with […]

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Respecting Joe Six-Pack

Governor Sarah Palin has resurrected an old term – Joe Six Pack.  Her notion is that she represents that demographic – folksy, hard working, beer drinking, regular American people.  Her position is not so much that she can represent Joe – it is more that she is Joe.  This is troubling. The Founding Fathers wrote […]

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Biden, Palin Debate, 10-2-2008

Tonight is the night.  This is the most talked about debate in recent memory (we have Alzheimers, or some cousin of that dementia) – so it should be interesting.  Everyone is looking for theater – It is almost as if no one expects substance – we are looking for the big gaff.  The nice thing […]

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Conservatives of 2008 – Raping and Pillaging

Something is way out of whack in the logic of the Conservatives of 2008. The logic is guilt or honor by association. The logic goes something like this: “I believe in Jesus and I believe we should drill for more oil in our backyard.” Thus given that Jesus is a solid belief it follows that […]

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The Perfect Economic Storm, With No Captain – video

The Perfect Storm.  That moment when unique weather patterns come together to create the absolute most havoc.  Bush and McCain and their Republican cronies have created that moment in our economy. The storm began with letting up on banking regulations.  Then they deregulated investment banks. The idea was that home prices would continue to climb […]

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The Titanic USA is Sinking, Passengers Are in Life Boats

Two years ago Barack Obama, a freshman Senator from Illinois launched his bid for the Presidency of the United States.  He campaigned on a message of change.  Two years ago John McCain launched his bid for the Presidency of the United States.  He campaigned on a message of experience.  Today, each candidate talks change and […]

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Redneck Bait Shop and Bank Loans

Bobby John scratched his beard, pondering. Then he said, “Billy Bob, you sure being quite.” Billy Bob sat behind the counter of the Bait Shop, his usual post when the boys showed up for some palaver.  The stool squeaked as Billy Bob leaned on the counter, “We aint been doing so good here at the […]

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America Should be Led By Grown-Ups

For this writer the words “United States of America” bring a sense of well being.  We are proud to be an American.  But why, we ask ourselves?  Because America means everything that is good about humanity.  America means pride, honor, integrity, ingenuity, exploration, curiosity, kindness, dignity, understanding, openness, comfort, fairness, leadership, bravery, courage, humility, beautiful, […]

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Pelosi Blew This Deal

This is a big deal!  America’s financial stability rests on the ability of Congress to put a bi-partisan package together.  This package needed to cover necessary principles of protection for taxpayers.  These principles were not partisan – they could have reached an agreement But House Speaker Pelosi had to get in front of the cameras […]

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So, Rednecks Really Are For Obama

One of my main hopes for this campaign is that it moght be conducted with civility. Vote for who you like, campaign for who you like. and like who you like, but don’t engage in the hostility that is brewing in the dark corners of this debate. Leave it alone, and give us your opinion based on how you feel or how you interpret the issues.

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Was McCain Right About Iraq?

John McCain has been wrong on social justice, on business regulations, and on tax breaks for Big Oil.  But probably the most egregious error has been on foreign policy, on military action, and most specifically on Iraq.  It could be more tolerable if McCain had not taken his eye off the prize – the capture […]

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Who Won The Debate, 9-26-2008

This writer watched closely. We felt that each candidate accomplished what they needed for this particular evening. Obama showed he could stand on the stage of foreign policy with McCain. After a tumultuous week of zig zagging McCain needed to show himself in command of his faculties. Here are some reviews done by other media […]

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McCain’s Problematic Use of ‘Naive’

John McCain likes to refer to Barack Obama as being naive, always in the context of foreign policy.  McCain says Obama is naive about Iraq, about Russia, about terrorists.  But McCain should be careful with this word.  John McCain has championed deregulation for rich bankers and Big Oil – with the belief that these folks […]

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Obama, McCain Debate, Video and summary 9-26-2008

Tonight is an important event in the 2008 Presidential election.  The debate on national security between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain will help voters understand their choices.  These are very different men.  They have very different ideas about National Security.  Both are patriotic – both are ambitious. The Fireside Post will be posting […]

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Redneck War Debate

We called the television station down the road in St. Joe to ask about the debate.  We wanted to know what they was gonna ask those fellas, McCain and Obama.  They tode us that they is not asking any questions.  Someone in one of the big cities gets to ask the questions.  Well, we had […]

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America has lost Economic Authority

The past century saw American dominance in the world foreign policy and Economic Markets.  Pearl Harbor awakened a ‘sleeping giant.’  The rise of Communism in the Far East and the spread of Socialism in Europe and other geographic areas saw an advancing economic influence of free market capitalism.  In the span of eight short years […]

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McCain to Suspend Presidential Campaign

2:00 PM:  John McCain wants to suspend his campaign for President in order to return to Washington to work on the economic Crisis. McCain wants to postpone the Presidential debate scheduled for Friday, September 26, 2008.  That debate was to focus on national security. What is McCain trying to do?  Is he trying to show […]

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The Wall Street Bailout is Personal – KISS

This is personal.  This disaster on Wall Street and in the halls of Washington.  Most of us have no idea what our Government leaders are talking about.  Most of us don’t understand why every man woman and child in America has to put up something like $2,500 to bailout a rich Wall Street Banker.  But […]

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Commander in Chief – Role of a Citizen

The Constitution of the United State of America vests the power of Commander in Chief with the Executive – The President. This feels clear to this writer that the intent was for a citizen, elected by the people, to act as Commander of the military. There was purpose in this intent. Here is a quote […]

22Sep2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The Iraq Surge Has Not Worked!

On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked America.  America launched a military assault – The Mission – find and either kill or capture the murderous terrorists. But the George Bush administration did a shell game with the American people, distracting everyone from the defined mission.  As a result – The terrorist leaders have not been punished. […]

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Songs of the Great Depression

These are some very nice videos posted on youtube about the Great Depression. Well at least we got some good music out of the national sadness. Get ready for another renaissance in music. Woody Guthrie sang about the hard times in America. “This Land Was Made For You and Me” has become a folk classic […]

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