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My Curiosity Defeats My Timidity

As the title eludes, I like to think I have a defense from fear. Many long years ago, my eldest son was about three. Our yard was fenced in and the best place for him and his sister to be in the summer. Our house was not air-conditioned.  This particular day I was visiting with […]

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Redneck Christmas Shopping

Sorry folks, this is no joke.  There are redneck jokes, and those jokes work because they point out the lack of sophistication of a class of people.  For instance, you might be a redneck if you go to family reunions looking for girls.  Humor is found in the absurd, the ludicrous, the unexpected.  Redneck jokes […]

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Crude Men Jokes

Sorry folks.  Sometimes things just strike me as funny.  Certainly I recognize that jokes can be offensive, can promote prejudice, can alienate others, and can frankly make some people very angry.  Racial and ethnic jokes have long gone by the wayside in the interest of political correctness.  I get it.  I understand the sensitivities of […]

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The Redneck Walks The Immigrant Trail

The trail ends at Saint Joseph, Missouri.  Some say it also begins there.  The Immigrant Trail has not yet been officially documented by historians – but the trail exists today.  When documented there is good cause to believe there will be a trail of tears.  But I get ahead of myself. I live just outside […]

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Redneck Medicine

I live in rural northwest Missouri.  My mother’s family came here by horse-drawn covered wagon in the beginning of the 20th Century.  My father’s family came here from Pennsylvania about the same time.  Wherever you go – there you are.  The two families mixed with the locals – and with some folks from the Missouri […]

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Inside The Minds of Rednecks – And Consequences

I recently had breakfast and invested my Saturday morning with a Redneck.  It was not his idea.  My truck needed repair and I wanted a sure fix.  A sure fix that did not cost me a bundle of anxiety and an empty pocket book.  (Pocket Book is a funny term).  I’ll call my Redneck friend […]

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Ohg’s Nephew Goes To College In South Missouri

I have a nephew.  Several actually.  But one has just graduated from high school in Virginia and has chosen to attend the University of Missouri at Rolla.  Rolla is one of the top engineering schools in the country.  But Rolla is also in South Missouri – the home of Rush Limbaugh.  I was compelled to […]

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Problems With Oil Leaks – Call A Redneck

From the AP (Anything Possible), Punkin Center, Missouri. Most every morning the boys meet at the General Store to solve the world problems.  No problem is too big for a certified Redneck.  And the General Store gang is composed of certified Rednecks.  The Store has a garage out back – some call it a shade […]

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Rednecks Talk Intelligent Design

I stopped in the General Store this morning.  When I walked through the door I was wondering, why does Billy Ray call this store ‘General.’  I know he was from the South and his relatives fought in the war with the North – maybe one of them was a General or something.  Anyway, before I […]

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Was Sarah Pa-ling Born In China?

This just in from the Nomadic View:   Sarah Palin was born in China.  The evidence is mounting.  Why did Sarah Pa-ling resign as Governor of Alaska?  What are the residency requirements in Alaska?  Just what is Sarah Pa-ling’s story? Pa-Ling was born in China – as the picture clearly proves.  Watch her closely – do […]

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Latino Food Section At Walmart, As Seen By A Redneck

Down the road in St. Joe, Mo, there is a pig processing plant.  I think they slaughter like 2,000 pigs a day – and it takes a gob of Mexicans to get the job done.  They have about 2,500 workers, about one fourth of which are either Hispanic, Latino, or just plain old Mexican.   Most […]

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Toyota Should Hire A Redneck

Toyota should hire a Redneck – that is the advice from the General Store in Punkin Center, Missouri.  We were talking the other day about fixing old cars when Billy Ray said straight out that someone needs to do some fixin on new cars.  Billy Ray claims that just about any old Redneck could have […]

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Redneck Logic

Occasionally we have the opportunity to write something about our neighbors. Billy Ray come over the other night and told us this story. Who knows what to believe from a Redneck?

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Redneck Ingenuity – or Schizophrenic Engineering?

I know rednecks.  I should.  I am one generation removed from hillbillies.  Around these parts people who are one generation removed must go through the redneck phase – and sometimes that phase lasts a couple of generations.  I am known as a half-breed because I obtained a formal university education.  Even my redneck friends will […]

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2012 Mayan Prediction – Respecting Logic

Marilyn vos Savant is some sort of genius who sells her logic to Parade Magazine.  People write with questions, Marilyn answers.  The question on January 31, 2010, concerned the Mayan prediction of the end of the world in the year 2012.  The question:  Can you add some logic to calm the hysteria?  The flaw in […]

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Redneck Gazette –

Redneck Gazette Fifth Edition Stimulating Economics Stimulating Economics Ohmydidhesayjihad We is having some trouble figuring out what we is hearing.  We got us a new President hoping that he would fix the problems this country is having.  We don’t know nothing about economics.  We only know that we should save more than we spend. We […]

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Redneck Gazette – Fight the Bad Guys

Redneck Gazette Fourth Edition Get The Bad Folks > Osama Bin Laden George Bush Fails Well, Ronald Reagan said, “There you go again.” And here we go again. Osama Bin Laden, that fella what kicked our butts in New York back in 2001, is poking at us again. This time he did an audio tape […]

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