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Spiritual Responsibility

To think that any particular faith, such as Christian or Muslim, is more favorable to God than another is an astoundingly arrogant notion – and it is irresponsible.

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The Army of God, Scott Roeder, and the Right Side of History

Scott Roeder shot and killed late term abortion Doctor George Tiller May, 31, 2009.  No one disputes this fact.  Roeder proudly admitted to the shooting while on trial for murder in Kansas.    Roeder was convicted of murder by a jury of his peers.  Peers, in this case, means twelve people who lived in the county […]

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2012 Mayan Prediction – Respecting Logic

Marilyn vos Savant is some sort of genius who sells her logic to Parade Magazine.  People write with questions, Marilyn answers.  The question on January 31, 2010, concerned the Mayan prediction of the end of the world in the year 2012.  The question:  Can you add some logic to calm the hysteria?  The flaw in […]

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The Sick, Pathetic, Right Wing Leadership and the disaster in Haiti

Pat Robertson has been a leader of the right wing ‘conservatives’ for many many years.   He has even run for President.  I live in Punkin Center, Missouri – so I know a few right wing nut cases.  When Robertson ran for President one of the local wackos said, “Wait till they find out he went […]

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“the shifting sands of charity… the firm bedrock of law”

Winston Churchill was a young man of twenty two when he gave his first political speech.   He referenced the Government’s Workmen’s Compensation Bill before the Parliament in England.  “He said the bill, ‘removed the question from the shifting sands of charity and placed it on the firm bedrock of law‘.”  (Churchill: A Life, by Gilbert, […]

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The Zodiac Predicts Modern Holidays

Astrology – the predictor of the Christ.  The three wise men followed their star charts to find the young King of men in his manger.  Who, we ask, can argue with the validity of astrology.  Even today, some 2,000 years later – the Zodiac accounts for, and often predicts, the activities of American holidays. I […]

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Christian Sponsored Terrorism

The Associated Press has composed a list of recent abortion-related violence.  As an aside, we find their headline rather ironic – because it suggests the violence is a result of abortion.  But more important than the headline are the facts of fundamentalist Christian violence (we prefer to call this behavior Christian Terrorism). We have written […]

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American Soldiers as Christian Evangelicals – Hunt for Jesus

No one would deny a soldier the right to faith – even if we wanted to.  Is there anything wrong with having military chaplains?  Not at all.  I have a copy of a Navy Hymnal from 1941 – and it seems to me that each solider is better off, is even a better soldier, if […]

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Picking on Catholicism

During my quest of becoming a better disciple of Christ, I thought it only fair to try and understand some other beliefs. I understand that the bible can be left open to interpretation to whom ever reads it. And to some degree must be evaluated to different times. But evaluation should not lead to amendments. […]

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The Worst Church Marquees and Why They Are So Wrong

This has been a burr in my saddle for years.  Longer than that, I guess.  Before I made the switch to regular church attendance, the oh-so-clever church marquees were a beacon of tacky religion that always made me wonder why people would gather in a  place like that.  Now, they are just embarrassing and they […]

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The Meaning of Jihad in Islam

By Ali Gomaa Within Islam the term jihad refers to a large category of meanings. Today, however, there are attempts to isolate this term to only one form of jihad to the exclusion of all others. This includes a conception of jihad that at best refers only to armed struggle, and at worst to a […]

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Catholic Socialism

I was driving home when I heard on my car radio a minister say that “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” was a Looney-tune idea. I don’t make a habit of speaking back to the radio, but I couldn’t help but scream, “It’s in the Bible!” Acts 2: 44-45 […]

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Conspiracy theroies – from simple to complex

Holy Cow! Our system of education must surely be failing. I suppose that mentally ill people with sound knowledge could make irrational judgments. But all Conspiracy Theorists are not mentally ill. So what is this phenomenon of conspiracy that seams to permeate our modern society? Crazy Sprinkler Lady: Irony abounds in the following video on […]

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Fundamentalism: The Right To Be Wrong

Dad, I suppose that you are right, that mine is a family that would only be described as “non-traditional” by Focus on the Family. I don’t pretend to believe that they have a solid grasp on the traditions of family systems. I think that the danger of allowing the fundamentalist to paint the larger American […]

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Imposing Our Culture On Others

Son, Sometimes we are a little hard on contemporary Christian fundamentalists. We don’t like their aggressive evangelism – their attempts to force their culture on us. That is a statement of perspective – their perspective might be that they are trying to save us from going to hell. Christianity has as rich history of abusing […]

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