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Brainwashing Tiger Woods – Failures of Addiction Therapy

Future psychologists will look back on this era of addiction treatment in much the same manner that they presently look back on 19th century mental asylums. The real sadness is that progressives in the present mental health community already recognize the deplorably foolish tactics of many addiction treatment centers.

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Spiritual Responsibility

To think that any particular faith, such as Christian or Muslim, is more favorable to God than another is an astoundingly arrogant notion – and it is irresponsible.

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Comments on a Life of Chaos

Did you ever know anyone who just seemed to live their life in constant chaos?  Most likely.  Chaos can become a part of our cultural understanding of the world around us.  People raised in chaos often live chaotic lives.  Some attempt a life of moderation – but under duress often resort to extreme chaos or […]

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12 Steps – A Program of Recovery

To continue this dialogue on 12 step programs – it seems only natural to describe the 12 steps. Distortions abound. Some clarity about this process might be useful to students of health care, people in the Ministry, medical professionals, and especially to those suffering from a hopeless state of mind and body. From page 59 […]

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Of Fear, Faith, and Foreign Affairs

Fear and faith do not live in the same home.  The word ‘faith’ conjures images of peace of mind, hope for the future, for the fellowship of man.  Faith speaks to the lion lying with the lamb – and the lamb can sleep with both eyes closed.  Fear exists in a troubled mind, a troubled […]

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Top Ten Positive Emotions

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson has done some extraordinary work on positive emotions. Having a positive attitude has so may anecdotal arguments that we are frankly sad when we hear another. If I hear one more person tell me to ‘have an attitude of gratitude’ I think I will just spit. Thank God for Dr. Fredrickson – […]

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The Stormy Marriage of Jesus

Arranged marriages are common in some cultures.  And why not?  We adults know what is best for our children.  We tell ourselves we are only being responsible when arranging their life.  The practice is highlighted in books and movies.  Perhaps the best known, or perhaps most entertaining, is “Fiddler on the Roof.”  After all, traditions […]

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Pondering Faith

I have always considered myself a Christian. Once I even thought I had a vocation. So I attempted to start online classes through a Christian University. I made it through one class which was the study of the Old Testament. What I found out, was it requires a lot of work. Anyone who has read […]

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Homeless Community

This writer has worked and volunteered at the same social service agencies dedicated to cleaning up the river banks, to rescuing the downtrodden, to saving the helpless, threading the eye of the needle as a gateway to Heaven. We will walk through the Pearly Gates and God will thump us on the forehead with his middle finger, look at us in disgust, and then invite us in to the ultimate shelter from damnation. We will be seated in the middle row, the homeless will have front row seats.

9Feb2009 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Amazing Grace – Dr. Wintley Phipps

Dr. Wintley Phipps can make an atheist believe. There is no way to listen to this man sing without feeling something divine. We are truly living in a blessed time – a time when this talent can be readily shared across the globe.

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Do What You Do On Purpose

‘I have talked and written at length in articles for this magazine about the lifestyle choices that my wife and I have made for our family, but I feel it would be appropriate to spend some time on why we make those choices.  Having a purpose in your decision is as important as the decision […]

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Spiritual Hope

Barack Obama has reignited the word hope.  He even wrote a book about hope.  His book is pretty convincing on the concept of hope, but sometimes hope is used so freely it looses it’s luster.  I am not endorsing Obama, as most of our readers may know, but believe he has a good grasp of […]

21Oct2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Fear and Faith, Vote Obama – Go To Hell

Polar opposites.  Fear and Faith.  These concepts do not live together, they are never under the same roof.  When the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons and the Catholics and the Baptists come knocking at my door I am not afraid.  But they are.  Fear is always obvious in their message. The tactics employed by the […]

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Where have all the flowers gone (Video)

We in America find ourselves engaged in another war – a war contrived by a self serving White House. Illegitimate intelligence on an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam provided the impetus for the President to justify expanding our military presence in Southeast Asia. The same song is being sung by our current […]

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Learning by example – the example of Jesus

Son, Your entry into the Christian Ministry has been a source of great pride and joy for me. Even given that you choose a wacky upstart like the United Methodist, or whatever you call it. There is a mild attempt at humor in the last sentence – but as with other effective editorial humor we […]

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Finding Faith in Mystery

I was producing and publishing my first podcast this week, so I’ve been a little behind. On the topic of Marcus Aurelius, I noticed that you stated ” A quick look at news headlines today might suggest that divine intervention has actually corrupted the morality of civilization.” I think that the idea of divine intervention, […]

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