Fireside Publishing Imprint
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Fireside Publishing Imprint

The Fireside Post has established a publishing imprint. A variety of works by Fireside authors is being assembled and will be published in paperback and as ebooks.

The first book is now available at More specifically “12 Step Sayings, One Day at a Time” can be found by going to Amazon and searching books for “12 Step Sayings” – or click on the link below:

12 Step Sayings – a Book of Daily Thoughts

Another book by a fireside writer:

Cisco A Tale of Addiction, Justice, and Redemption

Our authors have written over 1,200 essays on These essays are being collected and will soon be available, by author, in paperback and as an ebook. The essays represent a variety of topics from kitchen recipes to politics to religion.

We anticipate this process may take up to a year – thus our target date for completion is May of 2015.

Some of our authors also write books of fiction and non-fiction. These will also be offered as they are collected and collated.