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The Pain of Awareness

Awareness is generally thought to be a good thing.  Certainly we advocate being aware of one’s personal budget, of politics, of education, of science (Climate Change), of job opportunities, of our health, and even an awareness of our ignorance on various topics.  I think it is useful to be aware of proper use of the […]

24Feb2017 | | 6 comments | Continued
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Maslow and dumpster diving

  Son, Abraham Maslow was something of a management scientist. He published a work in 1943 describing a ‘hierarchy of needs’ which he used to describe human motivation. Dumpster diving is generally thought of as meeting the basic need of subsistence. For this reason dumpster diving is considered a function of the poor, the homeless, […]

24Nov2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Finding Acceptance – The Beginnings of Discrimination

Son, Four year old children see the world as we do – but they do not have the same life experience. She goes to school and feels the nuances of acceptance and rejection. We are inherently social creatures and have a need for acceptance in a group. This need fits the category of survival instincts. […]

8Sep2007 | | Comments Off on Finding Acceptance – The Beginnings of Discrimination | Continued