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The Pain of Awareness

Awareness is generally thought to be a good thing.  Certainly we advocate being aware of one’s personal budget, of politics, of education, of science (Climate Change), of job opportunities, of our health, and even an awareness of our ignorance on various topics.  I think it is useful to be aware of proper use of the […]

24Feb2017 | | 6 comments | Continued
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Mumbai – Terrorist or Criminal?

The terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, are astonishing.  Groups of armed men spread out in the city and began wantonly shooting people.  The reports of fatalities are growing, and injuries are reported as over 1000 people.  Hostages have been taken, demands of the release of criminals from legal custody made.  One television reporter asked her […]

27Nov2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Richard Gere video on being a Buddhist

Son, I really like this video. Richard Gere explains his position without being a wacko celebrity. The philosophy also lends itself to my understanding of the world. I have not declared my faith as Buddhist – but I like the message. Dad

25Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Richard Gere video on being a Buddhist | Continued
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Stimulus – From Where?

Dad, President Bush is scheduled to provide his plan today for a stimuulus package that will give a boost to our faltering economy. I can understand the demand for some encouragement, as people are struggling everywhere with stock prices, failing mortgages, high gas prices and incomes that are not keeping up with the price of […]

18Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Stimulus – From Where? | Continued
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Opinions vs. Convictions

Dad, I think that convictions get muddled because they get confused with opinions. The difference lies in action and inaction. if we sit around the table in your living room and sip coffee and talk about feeding the hungry or staying out of debt, then that conversation is founded in opinion. If we cut up […]

10Sep2007 | | Comments Off on Opinions vs. Convictions | Continued
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Comments on Courage

Courage is not acting blindly – without regard to consequences. Courage is action on behalf of conviction – even knowing the consequences may be painful. We see courage in our everyday lives – people regularly sacrifice something of themselves for a higher cause.

7Sep2007 | | Comments Off on Comments on Courage | Continued