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A Facebook discussion on Drug Addiction

Ron Taylor shared Jordan Rice‘s post. May 5 at 11:09pm · Jordan Rice April 23 at 12:21pm · Thank you. Edit: I didn’t explain why I agree with this or any experiences I have which left people opinion to make a bunch of dumb ass opinions about my logic. I don’t have the time to […]

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Addicted to Chocolate

I am all about chocolate.  With a desperate last effort to lose weight before my knees collapse from the sheer force of gravity I am coming to the reality that I may be a chocoholic.  Normally I am offended by the ‘oholic’ suffix because it is just so cliche’.  My present medical condition seems to […]

28Mar2010 | | 1 comment | Continued
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McCain, a Compulsive Gambler (Song Video)

John McCain is going to Las Vegas, would you give him $100 to gamble on your behalf?  There is gambling, and then there is compulsive gambling – very different modes of entertainment.  John McCain is a compulsive gambler, the champion of the religious right. Compulsive gambling is destroying America.  Down the road in St. Joe […]

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Politics of Fear

Son, Fear is an interesting word.  The word can be used on both sides of any given argument.  And it is.  Barack Obama is hot after the word today.  “We cannot continue the politics of fear.”  Another fellow once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” I use the word – […]

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