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Big Stick Diplomacy

President T.R. Roosevelt is quoted as having said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick”.  Don’t you just love those easy clever witticisms?  Bumper sticker diplomacy at its finest.  Wit is not the same as wisdom.  Clever is not the same as wisdom.  Wisdom speaks softly and carries a big stick – and carries the […]

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“…an organized, nationwide system of care…”

Civilized industrial nations have searched for many years for an appropriate response to public health.  Individual health care financing in the United States was somehow attached to one’s job as a part of the benefit package.  A good job came with good health insurance.  By 2008 there were fifty (50) million individuals without health insurance. […]

18Apr2016 | | 3 comments | Continued
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The Mis-Use of MAP Testing

My Taxi service is employed every morning – I give two of my grandchildren a ride to school.  This morning my third grade granddaughter told me she was wearing her lucky shoes because they were to take the MAP test today.  She said, “I am scared to take this test.”  I asked her why she […]

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Why the Health Care Reform Bill Passed

This is an issue of public opinion, and it is an issue that has been long considered by the public and their representatives. It is a political hot potato, and the potato has landed in the hands of the Obama administration. The reason that the previous administration did not address the issue with proposed legislation is that they were fully aware that any attempt at trying to solve the problem is most likely political suicide.

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Al Gore in Obama Administration

What role might Al Gore play in the upcoming Barack Obama Presidential Administration. Here is a good discussion on MSNBC:

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Representing US to the World

Son, We live in a Republic.  Our government represents us.  Taxes, infrastructure, social justice, law, common defense – all of that traditional stuff.  Stuff that is defined in the preamble to our constitution.   But we live today in a global community.  Someone has to represent us to the world.  That someone is the President.  […]

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Government by Terror

Son, Fear must not choose a President. That was the title of an earlier post. I have pondered this axiom of righteousness and find it wanting. There is more than fear. Our candidates harp on the politics of fear, on the use of fear to garner votes from weary political practitioners. But fear does not […]

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