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The Moderate White American, Shameful Acts of Cowardly Comfort.

That title represents bold words for a one-eyed-fat-man.  I have two eyes.  I am also the alter-ego of an old white man – and my fellow white people, intelligent political moderates, have come up short in the advancing civilized struggle for morality and justice. People throughout my life have been weary of any direct confrontation […]

3Sep2017 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Obama’s American Revolution – 2010

We are ready.  We are ready for change.  We are ready for a Revolution. The American people have already demonstrated a powerful desire for revolution.  Witness the elections of 2006 and 2008.   Democrats have registered to vote in historic numbers.  Barack Obama – a relative unknown – won because he represented the best chance […]

9May2010 | | Comments Off on Obama’s American Revolution – 2010 | Continued
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Canadians Have ‘Canadian Style’ Health System

What does it mean to have a Canadian Style Health System.  Steven Colbert has managed to qualify the distinct differences between health care in the United States and health care in Canada. Republican House leader John Boehner would have us believe the Canadians are a bunch of socialists who deny their children their basic human […]

23Feb2010 | | Comments Off on Canadians Have ‘Canadian Style’ Health System | Continued
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Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly, a real American talent. True Love Ways: Live in 1958: The day the music died: And here is Don McClean singing American Pie:

3Feb2009 | | Comments Off on Buddy Holly | Continued
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Feminism and The Three Arguments Against Gay Marriage

By Michael Scherer Arguments against gay marriage tend to fall into three broad categories: it is a threat to tradition (the idea is historically not sanctioned; the bible does not approve); it is a threat to children (kids will learn about homosexuality in school, confuse gender roles, or even become gay themselves); and it is […]

26Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Feminism and The Three Arguments Against Gay Marriage | Continued
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An Intro to the American Coffee House

From the truck stop burners to the gourmet air pots of the local coffee shop to the drive through of the Starbucks on the way to work, coffee dispensing has become more American than preemptive strikes. Coffee has been around. It is nothing new, really. It is not even a product of American culture. In […]

8Oct2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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John McCain and Coercive Diplomacy

The United States is winding down on another ill conceived War.  Vietnam taught some lessons about getting into an open ended war with no clear definition of success.  The first Gulf War seemed to alleviate any lingering concerns Vietnam might have created.  Superior technology, overwhelming force, and arrogant diplomacy replaced professional statesmanship.  John McCain is […]

7Oct2008 | | Comments Off on John McCain and Coercive Diplomacy | Continued
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Coffee and the American Gourmet Experience

Coffee is in the news. There is a lot of talk about providing a gourmet experience for consumers. McDonald’s is the latest to join the coffee experience bandwagon.  Discretionary income is down, but the enjoyment of coffee continues to proliferate. The inherent problem here is that we are seeking an experience with coffee, as in […]

7Oct2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Stubborn McCain Champions War

John McCain owns the Republican Party – at least for the next two months.  He owns the Republican National Convention.  He owns the message being presented by every speaker and every video.  The stubbornness of John McCain is evident in the message presented.  McCain’s life bookends are all about War.  His adult life is framed […]

4Oct2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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American Gangster – Afghanistan

Son, The movie “American Gangster’ is based on a true story. The story of heroin being imported into this country from Southeast Asia. The mode of transportation was primarily aboard United States Military aircraft. This was not sanctioned in any way by the U. S. Government – but by individuals in the military serving in […]

1Mar2008 | | Comments Off on American Gangster – Afghanistan | Continued
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America – Hope, or Prozac Nation

Son, When Columbus left Portugal over five hundred years ago it was with the hope of finding a water route to Eastern trade. He found a new land. When the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, it was with the hope of freedom of religion. When Jamestown was founded in 1608 it was with the hope […]

20Feb2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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An American Pie Story – and video

Son, I was in my late teens, sitting on a Missouri River levy. There were three of us, drinking Kansas beer. 3.2 Alcohol. We were too young to drink in Missouri. My 56′ Chevy was parked on top of the levy, we were sitting on the bank of the river. The doors on my Chevy […]

17Feb2008 | | Comments Off on An American Pie Story – and video | Continued
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This American Revolution – 2008

Son, We are in a time of flux. This is a difficult time for statisticians. The Media Pundits are dissecting the election statistics, trying to make sense of demographics and results. Some say Obama is about generational issues. Clinton is about gender. Edwards about populism. Huckabee about evangelism. This is not a time when these […]

5Feb2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Guantanamo Bay Cuba and the ACLU

Son, I received the following email encouraging an email or on-line petition.  I added the italics: “January 11, 2008 will mark six years since the first 20 prisoners arrived at Guantánamo Bay Cuba. Since then, 775 prisoners have passed through the gates and no trials have been completed. As a symbol of freedom and democracy […]

12Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Guantanamo Bay Cuba and the ACLU | Continued
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Bush – the Jimmy Carter of Republicans

Son, We should thank George Bush. He is the Jimmy Carter of Republicans. People talk about the Reagan Revolution – it was really the anti-Carter Revolution. Bush has led this country to a new revolution. His hard line on everything has highlighted the fundamental problem with being hard line. He has highlighted the fundamental problem […]

8Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bush – the Jimmy Carter of Republicans | Continued
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A Personal Understanding of Racism

Son, I grew up in a segregated America.  My parents would have qualified as third generation hillbillies who came to town to work.  We lived in a mixed race neighborhood in an inner city.  Those were days when a fist fight on the corner was just that – no one pulled out a knife or […]

5Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Imus and Sharpton – still haggling

Son, Good for Don Imus. He has overcome adversity and is returning to the Radio airways. I am not an Imus kind of guy – I may be a smart-alack like him – but our philosophies are different. But this is not about me – it is about redemption from the pettiness of Al Sharpton. […]

2Dec2007 | | Comments Off on Imus and Sharpton – still haggling | Continued