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Why John McCain lost the White House

By Jeff Mason – Analysis PHOENIX (Reuters) – Republican John McCain lost Tuesday’s presidential election because he could not overcome a hostile economic environment, distance himself from an unpopular president or convince voters he could lead them out of the crisis. As the blame game began, analysts also said McCain’s choice of inexperienced Alaska Gov. […]

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Live Debate analysis – McCain, Obama, Video Excerpts

We will be posting live on the final debate between McCain and Obama.  Tonight we will refine our process to include live analysis, and possibly scoring points as the debate unfolds.  The pictures framing this paragraph reflect our expectations and bias. Stay with us: Bob Schieffer is the moderator – the format is a sit […]

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Coming to yourself – escaping parental domination

We commented in an earlier post that ‘original sin’ equates with escaping the dysfunction of your family of origin. That includes escaping the domination of parents. Parent are powerful – the most powerful two people a child will ever experience.  That is the fundamental triangle of life, Father, Mother, Child.  The lens through which we […]

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3 etiquette tips for discussing dreams:

Dad, How many times has someone told you about a dream, and half way through their in depth analysis of what happened while you were sound asleep, you realize that you are just not interested?  You weren’t there, you aren’t talking about anyone that you know, and you aren’t even talking about a real place. […]

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Economies of Scale and Dumpster Diving

Son, There is great interest in recycling. And there should be – we are probably experiencing the most wasteful society in history. Global views of business and economy have distracted us from understanding individual need. But mass production outweighs, or at least minimizes, waste. I remember when I went to work in the world of […]

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