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Clinton Trump Debate Can Go Off The Rails

WOW!  We are in for a treat.  Maybe I should restate that – if we like fireworks we might like the Clinton Trump Debates.  If we like the idea of diplomats debating world affairs we are probably not going to enjoy the evening.  Let the debates begin – with more potential for fireworks than any […]

30Aug2016 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Anger Is More Fun Than Sanity In The Media

At thefiresidepost.com we write opinion – occasionally adding some news.  I have written around 1500 articles and it seems that anger is much more fun than the boring facts.  Anger is much more fun than fairness.  The media went to town for a drink on Saturday night, joined the lynch mob, and never came home.  […]

27Mar2009 | | Comments Off on Anger Is More Fun Than Sanity In The Media | Continued
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This Election Was Personal – And Angry

This election was exhausting.  The campaigns were passionate in a time when deep fears griped each of us.  Even George Bush supporters believe he was treated unfairly by world events beyond his control – but those events happened to all of us.  All of us, Americans and our fellow earthly citizens, have been deeply impacted […]

5Nov2008 | | Comments Off on This Election Was Personal – And Angry | Continued
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Media has painted McCain as the Grinch. Here is the story. This McGrinch was a citizen of Peopleville. The residents of Peopleville where a happy bunch, who all would come together for the best interests of the people. There where mainly two types of people in Peopleville. The Republiwhys and the Demawhats. They were a […]

11Oct2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Liberals and Conservatives

Son, We have received comments from both the left and the right. My observation is that both are irrational. The left present themselves as more witty, more creative, more interesting. The right presented themselves as angry, frustrated, attacking, and belligerent. Such is life. Dad

10Sep2007 | | Comments Off on Liberals and Conservatives | Continued