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Artistic Interpretation of Trump Victory

Ben Franklin was a Founding Father who used political cartoons as a means of persuasion.  With biting with he would cause a person to reflect and reconsider.  And that was not his day job.  Some people are just naturally gifted at imagery and symbolism used a tools for thoughtful discourse.  I am no expert on […]

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My First Tattoo

Oceanside, California, is located on the border of Camp Pendleton, that really big Marine base.  I was there.  Not Camp Pendleton, Oceanside.  It was 1969 and I was doing what I would later learn was called a ‘walkabout’.   I was drifting with the wind, facing the draft, Vietnam, adulthood, and ultimately responsibility.  Oceanside was […]

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The “Shoulds” of Life Have Me Down

I have been a responsible man for most of my life.  Some would challenge that point – because my failures have stood out like atomic bombs.  As a Senior Citizen I don’t face too many life changing events or decisions.  But I do have some responsibilities and those become the burrs under my saddle – […]

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Why Bother With Grammar?

I write.  But that does not mean that I write correctly.  I am a college graduate, but that does not mean that I use proper grammar.  I write intuitively – meaning that my sense of grammar drives my structure – and I am sometimes wrong.  Any sophisticated endeavor requires both art and science. The late […]

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Jesus in Pencil

Art – That element of human communications dubiously defined by subjection.  Kitch – that which we all know is scorned by people who identify themselves as artists – that is how we know it is kitch. Jesus – That man who changed the world.  Apparently a historical figure, the likeness of Jesus has been debated […]

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Gospel Kitsch – or Kitsch Gospel

My son (who writes this magazine with me) has both a greater appreciation of Art and of the Gospels.  He can point out yard art in rural America that qualifies for kitsch.  I’m talking about those pink flamingos and beer can sculptures found regularly in northwest Missouri.  The same folks who have beer can art […]

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Spiritual Responsibility

To think that any particular faith, such as Christian or Muslim, is more favorable to God than another is an astoundingly arrogant notion – and it is irresponsible.

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Letterman on Bush, McCain, Palin, and Clinton

David Letterman is taking over late night television.  With this monologue, it is easy to see why.  His writers are superb, and Letterman knows how to tell a joke.  Is this merely a case of art reflecting reality – or are these just jokes?

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A Gay Jesus and Catholic Art

“Corpus Christi” is a play written by an Irish Catholic named Terrence McNally, first performed on Broadway in 1998 and revived for two weeks in October. It is a controversial interpretation of the life and work of Jesus Christ, so it can be considered a part of the crazy-quilt reality of living as a Catholic […]

4Dec2008 | | Comments Off on A Gay Jesus and Catholic Art | Continued
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Wicked: A marriage of literature, art, and music

We marvel att the marriage of art and technology and the ingenuity of those who can master that integration.  Steve Jobs and his folks at Apple are prime examples.  In the same vein, there is a marriage of literature, art, and culture that can culminate in the same kind of experience.  Probably the best example […]

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Born in the USA – Is Springsteen anti-war? (video)

We present here the lyrics and a video of Bruce Springsteen performing ‘Born In The U.S.A.’ Here is the question – is this anti-war, anti-American, anti-insanity?  This writer believes Springsteen is following the tradition of historically great artists.  His art reflects the conditions of society at a given time. Art lives in history as a […]

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Art, Craft, Capitalism, and Pirating

Pirates! Who are they? Johnny Depp has redefined the genre with Captain Jack Sparrow. This portrayal is entertaining for sure – but not necessarily accurate. Pirating is about selfish intentional plunder, it is about seeking out treasure possessed by others and taking possession of the treasure by any means possible. The modern entertainment industry has […]

7May2008 | | Comments Off on Art, Craft, Capitalism, and Pirating | Continued
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Goofy Hillary Clinton Video

Son, The Clinton campaign has this horrible video.  I don’t know who made it but it has all of this upbeat music and people dancing against the backdrop of war and global warming and homelessness. I don’t know about campaigns but there are rules in Art.  Like consistency.  Color should follow form, form should follow […]

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10 things to do when starting a wordpress blog

Dad, I thought that some of our readers might benefit from the foot work that we have done in getting this blog off the ground. I will talk more about content and writing in future posts, but first I want to address the basics of getting a WordPress blog up and running. Here are ten […]

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