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My First Tattoo

Oceanside, California, is located on the border of Camp Pendleton, that really big Marine base.  I was there.  Not Camp Pendleton, Oceanside.  It was 1969 and I was doing what I would later learn was called a ‘walkabout’.   I was drifting with the wind, facing the draft, Vietnam, adulthood, and ultimately responsibility.  Oceanside was […]

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Does Our Economic Attitude Matter? A Hole in the Bucket.

Well, they (whoever they is) measure consumer confidence. What do you suppose that is about? Consumer confidence is a measurement of the confidence people have about their ability to sustain their life style – in a manner of speaking. The consequence of positive attitude is that people will spend their money because they have confidence that more is coming. Negative consumer confidence implies that people will not spend their money. Attitude does matter. Gratitude rhymes with attitude for a reason.

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Blogging – Journalism with attitude

Son, This morning, Sunday, November 4. 2007, CNN’s Reliable Sources is having a discussion on blogging. You and I have been grappling with the issues of blogging and journalism for months. The professional journalists on CNN all write blogs. It seems the major news outlets are beginning to embrace the world of blogging. What are […]

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