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No Yellow Ribbons Here

What are some words used to describe me?  Intense, forceful, resolute, aggressive, difficult, stubborn, unyielding, Aries – You get the idea – My history is one of confrontation and unforgiving in-your-face anger. There are regular videos on facebook of soldiers returning home unannounced to reunite with their families.  The families choke up and well with […]

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Delonte West, Bi-Polar Cavalier Carries Guns

Dimemag.com has an interesting and misleading story about Delonte West, that wacko white guy playing basketball for the Cavaliers.   West claims problems with Bi-Polar disorder.  Here is the deal, there are millions of people with Bi-Polar and they never carry guns.  The story begins with this: On Friday when the news broke that Delonte West […]

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