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Constitutional Conservative is an Oxymoron

Our Founding Fathers were some of the most liberal people on the planet – then and now.  Consider the questions they had to ask, and their answers in the form of our Constitution.  Remember – they were forming a completely new government. Where shall power reside?  Three branches of government with checks and balances – […]

20Mar2014 | | Comments Off on Constitutional Conservative is an Oxymoron | Continued
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The Right to Privacy In America

With the imminent retirement of Justice Stevens another Justice will be appointed – by the President with advice and consent of the Senate.  The Supreme Court is the third branch of government, charged with looking over the other two to insure the boundaries of the Constitution are not violated.  This is no simple task in […]

9May2010 | | Comments Off on The Right to Privacy In America | Continued
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Respecting Joe Six-Pack

Governor Sarah Palin has resurrected an old term – Joe Six Pack.  Her notion is that she represents that demographic – folksy, hard working, beer drinking, regular American people.  Her position is not so much that she can represent Joe – it is more that she is Joe.  This is troubling. The Founding Fathers wrote […]

3Oct2008 | | 6 comments | Continued
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The Bird’s Nest – Cradle of the Future? (Video)

China has given the world a demonstration of their claim on the future. The opening ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics are unrivaled – and will remain unrivaled for generations. The grandeur of the Chinese coming out party was a delicate mix of technology and humanity. At the center of the spectacle was “The […]

10Aug2008 | | Comments Off on The Bird’s Nest – Cradle of the Future? (Video) | Continued