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Oops! The Giants beat Green Bay

Son, I was all ready for a Super Bowl between super quarterbacks.  What a game, Favre and Brady.  That would have been fun.  But there is another quarterback emerging – and he has a famous name – Manning. Eli Manning has played quality football in the playoffs.  He has inspired the confidence of his team […]

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Tom Brady versus Favre or Manning

Son, One of the ESPN sports shows posed an interesting question a couple of weeks ago. The question: “Would the Patriots be undefeated if Brett Favre or Peyton Manning had been the quarterback?” The concensus on the ESPN panel was a unanimous ‘NO.’ But I think they made a couple of erroneous assumptions. They assumed […]

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Brett Favre – 50 is the new 40

Son, Dennis Hopper does a commercial on television for old people.  The commercial proclaims that ’50 is the new 40,’ suggesting that this generation is fundamentally more healthy than in the past.  Brett Favre is a good example. Favre has proven to be the most resilient football player in history.  He has the longest consecutive […]

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