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OJ Defines the Media, Media Defines OJ

OJ Simpson is in the news again – a regular for the past forty years.  Ironically – OJ’s celebrity status was a product of the media – but the media was defined in many ways by the celebrity of OJ. The excitement OJ generated on the football field directly contributed to the excitement of televised […]

5Dec2008 | | Comments Off on OJ Defines the Media, Media Defines OJ | Continued
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Jon Stewart on color in the race, and Karl Rove

Son, Jon Stewart has really got it going. The election process is better for him than it is for us. Stewart has the ability to merge the written word, the spoken word, and video images. He is particularly adept at pointing out the obvious. The Television Networks, including cable, have gone to extremes to showcase […]

8Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Jon Stewart on color in the race, and Karl Rove | Continued
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Clinton Ambushed Obama in Florida

Son, Hillary Clinton played a nasty game tonight. She ambushed Barack Obama in Florida. How so? There was no open competition. The Democratic National Committee chose not to recognize the Florida Primary because Florida chose to move the date of the Primary. The candidates had agreed not to campaign in Florida and to not accept […]

30Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued