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AARP Is A Communist Plot To Destroy America!

Allow me to first reveal my bias.  I am a member of AARP.  I am over sixty years old.  I am a male.  I am educated.  I know how to type.  There!  Now you know my background.  AARP is very obviously a communist plot to destroy America.  We need only look at the AARP Bulletin, […]

16Mar2017 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Respecting Farmer John, And Others With Whom We Disagree

The political climate in 2010 America makes for tough friendships.  Actually, the problem rests with widespread, instantaneous information that is neither accurate nor useful.  We at thefiresidepost.com write opinion.   We are right up front about our process.  We do not uncover secret plots by Muslims breeding like rabbits and take over the world by shear […]

14Oct2010 | | Comments Off on Respecting Farmer John, And Others With Whom We Disagree | Continued
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Comcast Buys Out the New Media Christian Paradigm

Scratch Christianity, insert capitalism.  What is the driving ideology – and how do ideologies conflict.  Here is the basic problem with identifying with a specific ideology:  you have to accept the consequences of your ideology.  I have several examples, and I want to take a look at Comcast and the media empires, but I think […]

8Dec2009 | | Comments Off on Comcast Buys Out the New Media Christian Paradigm | Continued
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Capitalism is Stronger with a Christian Alloy

Capitalism is the iron of our economy.  Long ago men found they could melt iron ore and produce new weapons and new tools.   Iron improved the lives of everyone and would eventually launch the industrial revolution.  I have cast iron pots and pans even today.  But iron was found to be brittle and easily broken.  […]

5Mar2009 | | 3 comments | Continued
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The Poverty Paradigm – Misunderstanding Charity

We talk charitably about social justice, often with the liberal view of defending the disenfranchised. Taken out of context we might be seen as classic do-gooders who only enable irresponsibility. That is the common refrain for shallow, heartless capitalists who do not realize that there is profit in assisting the impoverished. Dr. Muhammad Yanus, an […]

12Dec2008 | | Comments Off on The Poverty Paradigm – Misunderstanding Charity | Continued
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Why Government Management of Auto Companies Will Not Work

The advocates of government intervention in our lives are having a great time.  They are advocating the regulation of banking, which seems to be smart in light of recent revelations about banking management.  And they are advocating dictates of management for the auto industry, this is not nearly as smart as they think. History for […]

10Dec2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Governing from Center Left or Center Right

Americans are finally experiencing rational government.  As the Obama transition progresses we watch, with hope and with fear.  The troubled world is scary and important decisions are at hand.  Nearly every day there is a headline in the news about the transition.  One day the media reports a ‘center-left’ process.  The next day another headline […]

29Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Governing from Center Left or Center Right | Continued
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Life or Death – Warrior Virtues

The disaster of September 11, 2001, redefined our nation’s leadership. Perhaps. It may also be that the disaster of terrorism merely focused or gave clarity to a foregone destiny. Our President, George W. Bush, issued his proclamation. He did so with a sense of nobility right out of the Dark Ages. He said, “There is […]

14Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Life or Death – Warrior Virtues | Continued
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America has lost Economic Authority

The past century saw American dominance in the world foreign policy and Economic Markets.  Pearl Harbor awakened a ‘sleeping giant.’  The rise of Communism in the Far East and the spread of Socialism in Europe and other geographic areas saw an advancing economic influence of free market capitalism.  In the span of eight short years […]

25Sep2008 | | Comments Off on America has lost Economic Authority | Continued
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Art, Craft, Capitalism, and Pirating

Pirates! Who are they? Johnny Depp has redefined the genre with Captain Jack Sparrow. This portrayal is entertaining for sure – but not necessarily accurate. Pirating is about selfish intentional plunder, it is about seeking out treasure possessed by others and taking possession of the treasure by any means possible. The modern entertainment industry has […]

7May2008 | | Comments Off on Art, Craft, Capitalism, and Pirating | Continued
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This Time – The Tide is Turning

This time, this election, we must bridge the chasm of race, gender, politics – liberal and conservative, religion – fundamental, evangelical, literal, figurative, Christian or Islam. Real leadership is nuanced. It is not black and white. It is not rooted in the winning and losing mentality of pure capitalism. I believe it was Henry Ford […]

27Mar2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Christianity and Capitalism

Son, Is there a conflict between Christianity and Capitalism. I rather think that these philosophical elements make a nice marriage. This country was founded on two basic principles. The Pilgrims at Plymouth were seeking religious refuge. The tradesmen at Jamestown were seeking economic prosperity. Today we marry these ideologies – the product is a prosperous […]

11Sep2007 | | 2 comments | Continued