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Jesus For Dummies

Christianity has spread around the globe – or at least some version of  Christianity.  The question is:  What is the correct truth?  or perhaps:  Is there a definitive truth? or:  Is truth personal? A little background might help.  For the purpose of limiting our discussion to Christianity we will start around 1500 C.E.  There was […]

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Crude Jesus, Christmas, Church Jokes

JESUS: Jesus walks into a hotel.  He hands the room clerk three nails and says, “Can you put me up for the night? I don’t care who you are, get back in the boat and help us row. I don’t care who you are, drop that cross one more time and you are out of […]

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Some “Pope” Resignation Headlines

Pope Benedict the something has resigned.  Some of our politicians might consider the example.  No Pope has resigned his office in the last 590 years.  Shocked, the news media went into action.  There were some pretty funny and clever headlines. Here are a few: “Holy see you later” “Vacancy at the Vatican” “Can Popes do […]

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Mormons – the beginning theology

Mitt Romney has refocused thought on the Mormon Church.  Some evangelicals have problems with the Mormons – and I think they should.  We have to consider the Mormons in a historical context to understand some of their faith positions.  I will attempt to address this topic from memory – we’ll see if I have to […]

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Mel Gibson to Lead Tea Party

Actor, Director, Producer Mel Gibson is negotiating terms to take over leadership of the Tea Party in America.  Every candidate must demonstrate proper character traits consistent with Tea Party advocates.   Candidates must be willing to demonstrate these character traits in a very public manner – there should be no sense of shame or fear of […]

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Catholic Priest Jokes

By covering the horrendous crimes against children by Priests – the Roman Catholic Church has invited a legitimate comparison to slimy lawyers. If you are stranded on a desert island with Adolph Hitler, Atilla the Hun, and a Catholic Priest, and you have a gun with only two bullets, what do you do? Shoot the […]

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Forgiving The Priest

Is it possible?  When a Priest is charged with being the father of his parish, of being the spiritual leader of the congregation, when the Priest has charge over our children, and then violates every tenant of his charge – that Priest must suffer some consequences.  But does that mean eternal damnation?  Does that mean […]

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Obama’s Notre Dame Speech

Thank you, Father Jenkins for that generous introduction. You are doing an outstanding job as president of this fine institution, and your continued and courageous commitment to honest, thoughtful dialogue is an inspiration to us all. Good afternoon Father Hesburgh, Notre Dame trustees, faculty, family, friends, and the class of 2009. I am honored to […]

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Surnames are Sacred Cows

In 1986 a friend of mine was named the new Abbot of a Benedictine Monastery. I was proud to just be a friend at the ceremonial induction. The trappings of a basilica, with sunlight filtered through ornate stained glass windows, candles burning with gentle flames, rows of black robed monks walking in cadence to the […]

12Dec2008 | | Comments Off on Surnames are Sacred Cows | Continued
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A Gay Jesus and Catholic Art

“Corpus Christi” is a play written by an Irish Catholic named Terrence McNally, first performed on Broadway in 1998 and revived for two weeks in October. It is a controversial interpretation of the life and work of Jesus Christ, so it can be considered a part of the crazy-quilt reality of living as a Catholic […]

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Obama Drives the American Mini Van

Barack Obama has taken the reins, he is behind the wheel, with a delicate foot on the gas pedal.  The American family Mini Van is on a new journey.  With President-Elect Obama at the wheel, Rahm Emanuel riding shotgun, and the back of the van is loaded with the children of an American President. This […]

10Nov2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Catholic Socialism

I was driving home when I heard on my car radio a minister say that “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” was a Looney-tune idea. I don’t make a habit of speaking back to the radio, but I couldn’t help but scream, “It’s in the Bible!” Acts 2: 44-45 […]

8Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Catholic Socialism | Continued
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Thoughts On Original Sin

Some Jungian analysts suggest that original sin relates to family of origin.The idea is in order to be ‘saved’ from the original sin one must escape the dysfunction of one’s family of origin. Original ‘sin,’ as defined by theologians, takes many different forms.  We are born with the sin of Adam, for instance.  Or we […]

25Oct2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Fear and Faith, Vote Obama – Go To Hell

Polar opposites.  Fear and Faith.  These concepts do not live together, they are never under the same roof.  When the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons and the Catholics and the Baptists come knocking at my door I am not afraid.  But they are.  Fear is always obvious in their message. The tactics employed by the […]

20Oct2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Conspiracy theroies – from simple to complex

Holy Cow! Our system of education must surely be failing. I suppose that mentally ill people with sound knowledge could make irrational judgments. But all Conspiracy Theorists are not mentally ill. So what is this phenomenon of conspiracy that seams to permeate our modern society? Crazy Sprinkler Lady: Irony abounds in the following video on […]

29Sep2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Learning by example – the example of Jesus

Son, Your entry into the Christian Ministry has been a source of great pride and joy for me. Even given that you choose a wacky upstart like the United Methodist, or whatever you call it. There is a mild attempt at humor in the last sentence – but as with other effective editorial humor we […]

4Jun2008 | | Comments Off on Learning by example – the example of Jesus | Continued
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Pope in America

Bill Maher is on a role in this video.  Maher directly takes the Pope and the Catholic Church to task.  Referring to Pope Benedict as John Paul’s Dick Cheney, Maher hits this nail right on the head. The value of comedic interpretation of current events is never more evident than it is in this monologue […]

15Apr2008 | | Comments Off on Pope in America | Continued
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Politics and Laws of Association

The laws of association are very simple: If ‘a’ = ‘b’ and ‘b’ = ‘c’, then ‘a’ = ‘c’. Translated into politics: If John Hagee is a radical hate monger, and Osama Bin Laden is a radical hate monger, then John Hagee and Osama Bin Laden are the same creature. If John McCain is ‘very […]

1Mar2008 | | Comments Off on Politics and Laws of Association | Continued
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Evangelicals, Legions of Christ?

Son, The evangelicals of America present themselves as the legions of Christ, marching as to war. Ready to sacrifice for their Lord and Savior. Well, who are evangelicals? Some say the are THE witness for Jehovah. Some say they are Saints of the Latter Days. Others claim they immerse themselves in the water of baptism […]

6Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Evangelicals, Legions of Christ? | Continued
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Sacred Cows

Son, Look out. We are challenging Sacred Cows. Challenges to Sacred Cows are often met with personal attacks in an effort to discredit the challenger. We have a right to our opinion – and they have a right to disagree. But some folks can be really nasty. Our magazine of social commentary has put choice […]

19Dec2007 | | Comments Off on Sacred Cows | Continued
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Catholics Saved Christianity

Son, Without the Roman Catholic Church there would be no Christianity. The Catholic Church has been criticized for about 2000 years. This probably began when Jesus chose to expose himself to a woman. Perhaps I should rephrase that statement. When bodily resurrected after death, Jesus revealed himself to Mary Magdalene before revealing himself to the […]

16Dec2007 | | Comments Off on Catholics Saved Christianity | Continued
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The Mormon Bible – and Mitt Romney

Son, Mitt Romney has said that he will ‘put his hand on the Bible” and take the oath of office. My question is simple, which Bible is he going to put his hand on? I think it is a fair question – he is taking an oath to defend you and me, your children and […]

7Dec2007 | | 6 comments | Continued
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Truth – an understanding

Son, We talked about faith and knowledge – there is another confusing word TRUTH. Let us begin with an example: Ptolemy postulated about 200 CE. that the Sun and the stars rotated around the earth. This became the known truth for about 1700 years. It was a very convenient scientific truth because it fit the […]

10Oct2007 | | 2 comments | Continued