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When Sadness Overwhelms Us

All of us experience grief.  As children we see our grand parents pass.  We lose our pets, great aunts and uncles.  We lose games of school sports.  We fail to make the team.  These are the experiences that help prepare us for the more grave loss of parents, siblings, spouses.  Sadly some of lose our […]

11Jun2015 | | Comments Off on When Sadness Overwhelms Us | Continued
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Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas

My wife and I went to the local department store to get costumes for our children. We could not believe what the prices are anymore. As a child I remember Halloween costumes being nothing more that two pieces of plastic colored to look like your favorite villain or hero. With a plastic mask painted as […]

13Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas | Continued
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Coming to yourself – escaping parental domination

We commented in an earlier post that ‘original sin’ equates with escaping the dysfunction of your family of origin. That includes escaping the domination of parents. Parent are powerful – the most powerful two people a child will ever experience.  That is the fundamental triangle of life, Father, Mother, Child.  The lens through which we […]

29Sep2008 | | Comments Off on Coming to yourself – escaping parental domination | Continued