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Truth Versus Faith

Truth, belief, and faith – three legs on the stool of human endeavor.  We seem to require all three but only truth can be measured and verified.  Some people will get all up in arms about at that statement.  They will say that I am challenging their faith.  I am not.  I am only saying […]

2Jan2017 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Global Warming Is Not Intuitive

Science is not always intuitive.  Science is often counter-intuitive.  We humans like to keep things simple.  We also like to answer the question “Why?”  Thus we look at nature and when there is no immediate, obvious, answer we, over time, have been inclined to just give God credit.  The result has been a slow response […]

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Climate Change Is About Rate Of Change And Individualism

We have argued before that climate change is about rate of change.  Our planet has been as much as fourteen degrees hotter than our current temperatures and life flourished.  Dinosaurs roamed the lush tropical forests of South Dakota.  Scientists have known for years that we are not going to bake in the oven.  The question […]

20Nov2013 | | Comments Off on Climate Change Is About Rate Of Change And Individualism | Continued
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NASA – Visualization of Global Warming

Imagine Pat Robertson and NASA agreeing on anything.  The anti-scientist and the pure manifestation of science are on the same page.  Pat Robertson recently spoke on Global Warming on the 700 Club television spectacle, saying, They are defending the society. But I tell you stay in doors ladies and gentleman. Stay cool. Get fans or […]

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The Gulf Oil Spill is the Dust Bowl of the Gulf States

Another catastrophe of man made destruction has struck the Gulf of Mexico – threatening the coastal region with chaos.  Chaos to both nature and human economics.  One goofy GOP Congressman stated that nature would absorb the oil – not to worry.  The Dust Bowl of the 1930’s ravaged the Midwest but nature eventually reclaimed the […]

10May2010 | | 3 comments | Continued
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The fearists of Climate Change…

Dad. I watched the video that you sent. I am adding it below for those of us who are not you and me. As I said in a previous post, I respect Al Gore for what he has accomplished, and I encourage everyone to do his or her part to live responsibly. This video points […]

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