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McCartney on Colbert

There is nothing we can add to this other than to say how much we appreciate Comedy Central allowing us to embed this video.  

14Jun2013 | | Comments Off on McCartney on Colbert | Continued
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Glen Beck is the Disease in America

Glen Beck has topped himself. He somehow has managed to equate evolution with progressive politics. His comparison of revolution to evolution is totally insane – but the real fear is the platform given to him by the ‘conservative movement’ in America. These folks think they are carrying out Ronald Reagan’s vision – but Ronald Reagan […]

23Feb2010 | | Comments Off on Glen Beck is the Disease in America | Continued
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New Ideas From the GOP?

Here we go.  The GOP has showcased three of their finest minds in an attempt to re-brand the old cow.  Jon Stewart is probably the best at highlighting nonsense – or perhaps he just has a great staff with good video editing capabilities.  Let’s check out the new ideas of the Republican re-branding. Check out […]

6May2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Jon Stewart on color in the race, and Karl Rove

Son, Jon Stewart has really got it going. The election process is better for him than it is for us. Stewart has the ability to merge the written word, the spoken word, and video images. He is particularly adept at pointing out the obvious. The Television Networks, including cable, have gone to extremes to showcase […]

8Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Jon Stewart on color in the race, and Karl Rove | Continued