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AARP Is A Communist Plot To Destroy America!

Allow me to first reveal my bias.  I am a member of AARP.  I am over sixty years old.  I am a male.  I am educated.  I know how to type.  There!  Now you know my background.  AARP is very obviously a communist plot to destroy America.  We need only look at the AARP Bulletin, […]

16Mar2017 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Lt. Gen. Boykin Conservative Video and Response

YIKES!!!!  Check out the video and a response by a thoughtful man in Virginia.     The following diatribe was cut from a conservative email floating around the country – this is an example oof how really crazy some people are – We are not talking about a healthy think-outside-the-box crazy – but dangerous crazy. Here […]

6Jan2013 | | Comments Off on Lt. Gen. Boykin Conservative Video and Response | Continued
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Regaining Respect for the Office of the Presidency.

We, in this country, have a proud history of respect for the office of the President. We rally around those who inspire us and lead us through troubled times. We have worked to separate the man from the office, and we have been successful in the past. There have always been jokes about the President, and comedians are supposed to push the envelope, to go where you don’t expect them to go. Something has changed, however, in the last decade. Where there was once reverence for the office and a certain degree of respect for the man in the White House, there is now complacency about the treatment of the Presidency. In previous generations, bad jokes about the President would have been met with a frown or, at best, a nervous chuckle. But today, the Presidency is the bread and butter of late night routines and gets only slightly better treatment in the mainstream media.

18Apr2010 | | 3 comments | Continued
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The Romantic Tax Protest – Where Is Zorro When You Need Him

The romantic hero, the person who fights the establishment, the archetype who defends the poor, who fights the tax collector, steals from the rich to give to the poor – Where is Zorro when you need him?  Where are Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, and Jesus – all great heroes who challenged the established norm?  […]

14Apr2010 | | Comments Off on The Romantic Tax Protest – Where Is Zorro When You Need Him | Continued
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Personal Experience With Tea Bag Mentality

This is a sad post for me to write.  I live in northwest Missouri – in the isolated world of simple people relishing ignorance.  The reverse discrimination against education and professionalism permeates the culture.  My sadness surrounds my family – a people proud of being in the lower economic class.  Most of them are adamant […]

12Apr2010 | | 32 comments | Continued
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Tea Bag Protesters Encouraged by GOP Representatives

Warning to readers – the following videos are disgusting examples of free speech in America.   Irony abounds when the Teabaggers claim that President Obama is pushing the country toward socialism, communism,  Nazism, and totalitarianism.  The United States of America is a Republic, governed by representatives of the people.  The people elected President Obama and the […]

24Mar2010 | | Comments Off on Tea Bag Protesters Encouraged by GOP Representatives | Continued
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Angry At Government – Or Just Angry

The word ‘angry’ is being thrown around with loose abandon.  Editorials across the free press note the ‘anger of the voters.’  There is legitimate anger.  But there is also illegitimate anger.   Does legitimacy make any difference?  Is anger the same whether legitimate or not?  Is an angry voter a rational voter? The essence of anger […]

12Feb2010 | | Comments Off on Angry At Government – Or Just Angry | Continued
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The Utility of Socialism

Slow down big shooter.  This writer is not a fan of socialism.  Capitalism, moderated by honest Christianity, and regulated by mature government, works best.  In 2008 the United States, the best example of marriage of capitalism, faith, and government, is taking great leaps toward socialism.  Why – because the government recognizes some business functions as […]

16Nov2008 | | Comments Off on The Utility of Socialism | Continued
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McCain Has Become Irrelevant

John McCain is speaking as we type this post.  McCain is presenting his new economic plan.  The fourth or fifth iteration in the past three weeks.  No one is listening because we all know that in two days, or a week, McCain will have a new and different proposal.  McCain is playing to the polls […]

14Oct2008 | | Comments Off on McCain Has Become Irrelevant | Continued
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The GOP Legacy – Wars, Death, Hatred, Socialism

This is a banner year in American Politics.  This is the year when the people rise up and crucify the self serving, greedy, power and control, mean spirited Republicans.  That was a mouthful, don’t you think.  It is written in the spirit of McCainian Anger.  The American people should be angry.  WARNING to readers – […]

14Oct2008 | | 6 comments | Continued
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America has lost Economic Authority

The past century saw American dominance in the world foreign policy and Economic Markets.  Pearl Harbor awakened a ‘sleeping giant.’  The rise of Communism in the Far East and the spread of Socialism in Europe and other geographic areas saw an advancing economic influence of free market capitalism.  In the span of eight short years […]

25Sep2008 | | Comments Off on America has lost Economic Authority | Continued