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No Yellow Ribbons Here

What are some words used to describe me?  Intense, forceful, resolute, aggressive, difficult, stubborn, unyielding, Aries – You get the idea – My history is one of confrontation and unforgiving in-your-face anger. There are regular videos on facebook of soldiers returning home unannounced to reunite with their families.  The families choke up and well with […]

5Dec2017 | | 0 comments | Continued
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United Way – agency corruption

This writer is a big supporter of the concept of United Way – with skepticism for the actual practice. The concept is simple – there are many social service agencies in all communities that compete for the limited local dollars available. The idea of the United Way was to eliminate all of the individual fund […]

25Sep2008 | | 14 comments | Continued
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Sacred Cows

Son, Look out. We are challenging Sacred Cows. Challenges to Sacred Cows are often met with personal attacks in an effort to discredit the challenger. We have a right to our opinion – and they have a right to disagree. But some folks can be really nasty. Our magazine of social commentary has put choice […]

19Dec2007 | | Comments Off on Sacred Cows | Continued