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Postcards From the RNC, Robo Calls That Is!

I keep getting robo calls from the RNC…. They desperately need $75 from me to fight the biased media and drain the swamp. What?? That is roughly 1/12th of my total monthly income. I have no problem telling them I am living on Social Security and not much of that, but I’m talking to deaf […]

21Nov2017 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Equality Is Not Tangible

I am all for equality between the sexes. Always have been, I guess. As a Baby Boomer, I have seen a whole lot of it not being that way. Equality is easily defined on paper and somehow in life it gets spread out, the lines get blurred and more difficult to find the easy divisions […]

16Nov2017 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Curiosity is Not Alone in Killing the Cat

A curiosity moment led me to wonder, “Just what are the most probable causes of the Apocalypse and if any, the percentages of certainty?” I found many articles and many opinions on the subject and very little speculation or mathematics on how to rate each catastrophe with a percentage of ‘Most Likely’ to happen. What […]

12Oct2017 | | 1 comment | Continued
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NFL, NASCAR and America

So the Divisionaries continue to divide… It’s true that NASCAR has only had 4 black drivers in its history, notably one being a black woman. Yet, the popularity of the sport fades in the light of Football. Where 64% of Americans claim to be fans. Break that down to 73% of men and 55% of […]

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It’s a Cat’s Life

I have a barn/porch cat, her name is Skeeter aka Trouble, who would dearly love to be an indoor/outdoor cat. Especially on cold days, 60 degrees appears to be her cue to want in.  She is in this predicament, because after being in the house for several months, or a year, I forget, she became […]

10Sep2017 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Trump The Democrat? Runs As Republican?

Donald Trump actually does have New York values.  What does that mean?  Generally, when people congregate in large urban areas they become more liberal.  Why? Donald Trump has held liberal political views all of his adult life.  He ran for President ass a Republican because he knew the Democratic Party would not accept his lack […]

19Oct2016 | | Comments Off on Trump The Democrat? Runs As Republican? | Continued
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“Conservative” Does Not Mean Smaller Government

Ronald Reagan hijacked the term “Conservative” and twisted it to his own political purpose.   Remember his famous quote, something like this: “Government does not solve the problem, government is the problem.”  The dingbats get goosebumps every time they hear that quote.  More military they say, but less government.  The government should leave my social security […]

24Aug2016 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Perceptions and Homemade Bread

Before I get much further, I just want to say this is not, a crying in your beer or milk, sob story of a life in poverty. Now that’s out of the way and here we go. I am the second child of the nine children my mother gave birth to. If my mother was […]

4Oct2015 | | 1 comment | Continued
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I Am Woman, Stand By Your Man – Helen Reddy vs. Tammy Wynette

Helen Reddy gained notoriety on her first hit “I Am Woman” (1972).  Her hit stood in stark contrast to Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” (1968). Released just four years apart – these two songs reflected the division in a changing culture from the 1960’s to the 1970’s.  In 2015 we stand at another reflection […]

27Aug2015 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Cruel Hoax of Fanatics

Our dog is something of a rescue dog – she was turned over to a veterinary clinic with a gash on her head and one eye-ball literally hanging out.  We took responsibility for the dog ($800 over two years).  We do not know her age.  Obviously we know she suffered some trauma in her life.  […]

18May2013 | | Comments Off on The Cruel Hoax of Fanatics | Continued
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Save Yourself – Then Pull Up the Ladder

It is not in the nature of man to escape danger and then abandon fellow humans who face the same danger. We see examples in every war of courageous self sacrifice to rescue fellow soldiers.  We often see firefighters or police officers risk their own safety to help others.  The idea works well at an […]

8Mar2012 | | 2 comments | Continued
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“…Universal Masculine Purity” – The Conservative Ideal

Are we ready to return to the morale of Victorian England?   It was the age of ‘class structure’.  It was the age of male domination.  It was the age of female submission.  It was the age of child labor in textile mills.  It was the age of long work days and poor health and nutrition.  […]

29Feb2012 | | Comments Off on “…Universal Masculine Purity” – The Conservative Ideal | Continued
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Santorum – The George McGovern of the GOP?

1972 was  a desperate year for liberals.  Civil Rights Acts were passed, anti Viet Nam protesting succeeded, Martin Luther King was gone, Robert F. Kennedy was gone, Richard Nixon was steamrolling with the Kissinger detente, women’s rights were on the table – and desperation to regain the White House led to fanatical overdoses of liberalism […]

14Feb2012 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Traditional Conservatives – An Oxymoron

There was a time when to say someone was conservative was to say that they were invested in healthy tradition.  Change for the sake of change was a foolish notion.  In the world of the twenty-first century the conservatives have changed the meaning to something more like:  Progress for the sake of Progress is a […]

5Nov2011 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The Problem With Liberals 1965 – 2010

After the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 the liberals of both parties felt emboldened.  They were ready to challenge the fertile ground of poverty, aging, war, college education, and woman’s rights.  These were and are noble issues.  By some definitions the liberal movement of that era was quite successful.  But there were some […]

26Apr2010 | | Comments Off on The Problem With Liberals 1965 – 2010 | Continued
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Make Hay While The Sun Shines

The Democrats thought the sun was shining.  The election of 2008 swept the Democrats back into power in Washington D.C.  – or so they thought.   It now appears that Washington is not so different than Punkin Center, Missouri.  Here in Punkin Center we live and die by old sayings.  The relevant saying aptly applied to […]

26Jan2010 | | Comments Off on Make Hay While The Sun Shines | Continued
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Really Tired of Liberal Complaining

It is just me – or has the left wing of the liberal loonies gone completely Rovian.  You surely remember Karl Rove – the master of negative Rovian Politics (RP’s).  Liberal wackos like Arianna Huffington and Ed Shultz are taking their cues from Mr. Rove.  In rural Missouri parlance it is called: Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! […]

28Dec2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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“the shifting sands of charity… the firm bedrock of law”

Winston Churchill was a young man of twenty two when he gave his first political speech.   He referenced the Government’s Workmen’s Compensation Bill before the Parliament in England.  “He said the bill, ‘removed the question from the shifting sands of charity and placed it on the firm bedrock of law‘.”  (Churchill: A Life, by Gilbert, […]

10Dec2009 | | Comments Off on “the shifting sands of charity… the firm bedrock of law” | Continued
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President Obama Is Not Like Other Liberals

President Obama is not in the same league, the same class, the same stratus as the rest of us liberal thinkers.   The rest of us enjoy a good old fashioned fight.  President Obama seems to steer clear of roughhousing.   Who does he think he is – the President? Keith Olberman loves a food fight.  If […]

6Oct2009 | | Comments Off on President Obama Is Not Like Other Liberals | Continued
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Sotomayor’s Media Week In Review 5-30-09

Sonia Sotomayor has been nominated by President Obama to the Supreme Court of the United States.  The pick was guaranteed to raised the hackles of the declining fundamentalist movement.  And sure enough – it did. This youtube video highlights the first week in the media after Sotomayor’s nomination: One has to love the pseudo conservatives […]

30May2009 | | Comments Off on Sotomayor’s Media Week In Review 5-30-09 | Continued
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Real ID’s: Why Are We Frustrated With Government

Modern government is a real enigma.  We all agree that we need government, but we all want “the gov’ment” to leave us alone.  In many ways conservative and liberals are alike – no one wants big brother government – but everyone wants equality and protection.  Everyone hates bureaucracy – but everyone also has their pet […]

20May2009 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Boy Scouts Fight The ACLU

Last year I went down to St. Joe, Mo., to participate in a Boy Scout Pine Wood Derby.  Well, actually I was more of a spectator than a participant.  But some of those events are small and even the spectators feel like we are somehow participating.  This particular event was at a ‘district’ level. There […]

13May2009 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Abortion and Common Sense

Abortion is not black or white, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican.  Abortion is a problem of humanity – and this era of Abortion in American will be studied by future historians.  The folks looking back will recognize the futile and selfish partisan bickering that prolonged the agony of a health care disaster.  Both fanatical […]

6May2009 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Conservative Hypocracy on Earmarks

The Fireside Post has been criticized in the past for supporting President Obama. The criticism often points to conservative railing points – most notably congressional earmarks in budget bills. The last assault noted the study of the sex habits of some obscure creature in South America. Of course, this was an exaggeration intended to discredit any argument for the President. But the tables have been turned today.

11Mar2009 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Promoting the Liberal Myth

There seems to be a mythology of the liberal cause. The term ‘Liberal’ is used as a noun to describe a secret sect of devil worshipers. The implication is something like this: Liberals meet in secret places, conduct secret rituals, and are the root of the new world order meant to destroy freedom and prosperity. Liberals prefer socialism to capitalism. Liberals prefer dictators to democracy. Liberals want to reward terrorists. Liberals think Labor Unions should run businesses. They are like the Freemasons, except they are more organized and more evil.

23Feb2009 | | Comments Off on Promoting the Liberal Myth | Continued
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The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

I studied electronics at The Electronics Institute in Kansas City. That was a long time ago. We studied vacuum tubes. Vacuum tube radios and television and radar systems. It was the dawn of the transistor – we talked about transistors in class, and experimented with diodes in building full-wave bridge power supplies. Resonant circuits were […]

12Dec2008 | | Comments Off on The Future Is Not What It Used To Be | Continued
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Detroit Bailout – an Ethical Conundrum

This writer has often defined self as being an economic conservative and a social liberal.  Normally there is not much conflict in that ideology.  I will help my neighbor as long as I don’t have to borrow money in the endeavor.  I will not enable my neighbor to continue poor behavior by bailing him out […]

19Nov2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Obama Will Govern From The Center

Take a look at Barack Obama’s life.  His whole life is about hard work, education, empathy for others, and compromise.  Check that last word, compromise.  Whatever Obama believes about particular issues, he is all about compromise.  Combine compromise with intellect and integrity – and you have a powerful leader. Barack Obama was born to a […]

1Nov2008 | | 11 comments | Continued
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Call Him John the Careless

Thursday, October 30, 2008; Page A23 From the invasion of Iraq to the selection of Sarah Palin, carelessness has characterized recent episodes of faux conservatism. Tuesday’s probable repudiation of the Republican Party will punish characteristics displayed in the campaign’s closing days. Some polls show that Palin has become an even heavier weight in John McCain’s […]

30Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Call Him John the Careless | Continued
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The Blurry View Of Barack Obama’s Religion

Barack Obama has said, many times and in no uncertain terms, “I am a Christian.”  He has been on the cover of Sojourner’d magazine, a Christian publication.  His former pastor, The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, was in the spotlight for some unseemly comments about patriotism (among other things), but Reverend Wright was clearly a Christian preacher.  […]

29Oct2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Tell Me I Am Not Conservative

Yikes – someone called me a conservative, how disgusting.  I said something about living within our means and the guy in the checkout line at Wal Mart called me a conservative – as if there was something wrong with me.  He was buying some tabloid magazines – I don’t know if that means he is […]

28Oct2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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McCain Has Become Irrelevant

John McCain is speaking as we type this post.  McCain is presenting his new economic plan.  The fourth or fifth iteration in the past three weeks.  No one is listening because we all know that in two days, or a week, McCain will have a new and different proposal.  McCain is playing to the polls […]

14Oct2008 | | Comments Off on McCain Has Become Irrelevant | Continued
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Greatest Generation – And Neocons.

Our father was a veteran of World War II.  He came home with four Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart, never to speak of his experience.  He kept his silence until his death at age eighty-five.  He did not talk about the atrocities of war because the memories were too painful.  As America entered other […]

10Oct2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Obama and the Christian Right

The conservative media and christian right refers to “The Liberal Blogosphere” and the “Liberal Media” and the “Liberal Internet.”  We looked around the internet and found these clips attacking Obama.  According to these folks Obama is anti-christian, the anti-Christ, a Muslim, and anything else they can think of. This writer believes the Bible is not […]

7Oct2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Conservatives of 2008 – Raping and Pillaging

Something is way out of whack in the logic of the Conservatives of 2008. The logic is guilt or honor by association. The logic goes something like this: “I believe in Jesus and I believe we should drill for more oil in our backyard.” Thus given that Jesus is a solid belief it follows that […]

2Oct2008 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Dichotomies of Political Philosophy

We live in a world of politics – but politics creates strange bedfellows. The Republican nominee for President, John McCain, is about to pick Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the Vice President spot on the ticket. What a strange turn of events. Governor Palin is a fierce conservative – and that creates a real dichotomy […]

29Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Dichotomies of Political Philosophy | Continued
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William F. Buckley- dead, but not gone

Son, The country has lost one of the great minds of the 20th Century. William F. Buckley has died. Mr. Buckley was a prolific writer, journalist, commentator, debate host, and educator. I remember about twenty years ago, before laptops were functional, Buckey reported that he had eight computers. One for everywhere he would find himself […]

27Feb2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Huckabee Speaks on Super Tuesday

Son, Mike Huckabee is talking on television.  I’ll try to capture the essence. “A lot of folks are trying to say this is a two man race.  It is, and we are in it!” “Thanks to Arkansas where we have a wonderful victory here at home.  Thanks to the incredible people who believed in us… […]

6Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Huckabee Speaks on Super Tuesday | Continued
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Conservatives support Romney – Go Figure

Son, Mitt Romney is the guy who has changed most of his political positions to run for President.  Conservative, by definition, does not like change – Go Figure! He did not like Ronald Reagan.  He supported a woman’s right to choose.  He raised taxes.  He supported State sponsored health care.  He shot a rabbit one […]

6Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Conservatives support Romney – Go Figure | Continued
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Evangelicals, Legions of Christ?

Son, The evangelicals of America present themselves as the legions of Christ, marching as to war. Ready to sacrifice for their Lord and Savior. Well, who are evangelicals? Some say the are THE witness for Jehovah. Some say they are Saints of the Latter Days. Others claim they immerse themselves in the water of baptism […]

6Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Evangelicals, Legions of Christ? | Continued
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Huckabee uspsets the apple cart

Son, The conservative talk radio jabber has been all about how McCain is not conservative enough.   Vote for Romney they said.  Wee – their strategy is only half working.  The conservative voters are supporting Huckabee. If the trends continue we will have a three man race in the Republican Party.  I am happy for […]

6Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Huckabee uspsets the apple cart | Continued
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Ann Coulter, McCain, Hannity, Clinton

Son, Putting those four names in the title seemed strange to me. Probably because I just watched a video of Ann Coulter on the Hannity Dominates Colmes Show. Ms. Coulter has stated publicly that she will Support Hillary Clinton if John McCain is the Republican nominee. She won’t. This is just another example of how […]

1Feb2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The John McCain Shelter for Abused Conservatives

John McCain has brought sanity back into the Republican Party. McCain is the realistic optimist of Ronald Reagan. The Reagan Revolution has been hijacked by abusive personalities who hope only for power and control. When an abused spouse cries out for help we provide an Abuse Shelter. We provide a place of sanctuary. We provide […]

31Jan2008 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Boring Republicans run a 1994 Campaign

Son, Much of the media attention is given to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Why is that? Fox news would say it is because the media is too liberal. If the Republicans would ever say anything new perhaps they would be in the news. My notion is that the Republicans are so darn boring. Listen […]

29Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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George Will – hold your conservative horses

Son, I like to read George Will’s column. I love the way he uses words; he is a true craftsman in the art of writing. His intellect is obvious. And I almost never agree with his message. His column of today, Sunday, October 21, is especially lost in his attempt to attack liberals. Mr. Will […]

21Oct2007 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Al Gore or Gandhi?

Dad, Like all of his other supporters, I would like to congratulate Al Gore on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He has big shoes to fill. On February 2, 1977, Jimmy Carter addressed the nation in a cardigan sweater and asked us all to do our part and turn down our thermostat and wear a […]

12Oct2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Al Gore – Ozone Man

Son, The sweet smell of vindication. Time will ultimately tell the truth. Al Gore has been awarded the Nobel Prize for his lifetime achievement in bringing the issue of Global Warming to the attention of humanity. In 1992 Al Gore was a Vice Presidential Candidate, running with Bill Clinton on the Democratic ticket. They were […]

12Oct2007 | | Comments Off on Al Gore – Ozone Man | Continued
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No Child Left Behind

Son, The local news paper reported today that federal funds must be taken from the most impoverished schools. The money will instead be used for staff training. The shift is a consequence of special education students failing to meet the standards set by the No Child Left Behind legislation. Mixed feelings abound – probably because […]

14Sep2007 | | Comments Off on No Child Left Behind | Continued