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Aggravated With Medicare And The Health System

Right off let me be clear, I am a senior.  That is somewhere between middle age and elderly.  My health insurance is Medicare with a United Health Care supplement.  As I have aged I have experienced more aches and pains resulting from the active utilization of my body parts.  Did I mention that I have […]

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Marching for Health Reform

THE     P R E S I D E N T ’ S     P L AN    F O R    HE A L T H    R E F O RM “At this moment, we are being called upon to fulfill our duty to the citizens of this nation and to future generations… I don’t […]

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Economies of Scale and Dumpster Diving

Son, There is great interest in recycling. And there should be – we are probably experiencing the most wasteful society in history. Global views of business and economy have distracted us from understanding individual need. But mass production outweighs, or at least minimizes, waste. I remember when I went to work in the world of […]

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