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“Let It Begin With Me”

Occasionally we hear quotes, slogans, sayings, something that seems innocuous on the surface, but resonates with wisdom upon further inspection.  Al-Anon, a program for the families and friends of Alcoholics, has official slogans which are raised to the level of proverb, of wisdom, of scripture in the program.  One such saying is “Let It Begin […]

8Dec2014 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Mr. Greenspan Goes to Washington, Shock and Disbelief

Alan Greenspan goes to Washington.  And this time he sounds more like Jimmy Stewart as the naive Boy Scout leader who is appointed to the Senate in the movie “Mr.  Smith Goes to Washington.”  The Jimmy Stewart character is a Boy Scout, full of innocence, always hopeful, and believing in the honesty of others.  He […]

23Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Mr. Greenspan Goes to Washington, Shock and Disbelief | Continued