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A Few Thoughts On Tiger Woods Recent DUI

From a friend: A few thoughts on Tiger Woods. Regardless of whether you like him or not and for whatever reason you like him or not, I think the police dodged a bullet on this one. We’ve all seen the videos, some of you may see a drunk, some may see a drug addict, some […]

4Jun2017 | | 1 comment | Continued
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McCain – the Dark Arts of Rovian Politics

The campaign for President has entered a troubling time.  The McCain Camp is stirring the pot, adding some spice, flavoring with acidic language, hoping for a secret potion.  The stew is beginning to boil, steam is wafting, dark clouds forming, and the warlock is pleased.  The dark arts of Rovian politics never produce positive results.  […]

19Oct2008 | | 15 comments | Continued