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Postcards From the RNC, Robo Calls That Is!

I keep getting robo calls from the RNC…. They desperately need $75 from me to fight the biased media and drain the swamp. What?? That is roughly 1/12th of my total monthly income. I have no problem telling them I am living on Social Security and not much of that, but I’m talking to deaf […]

21Nov2017 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Aren’t We Done Yet?!

I can recall earlier Presidential campaigns that were contemptuous to say the least and how I really, really could hardly bear the wait till the first Tuesday of November. This year is the worst I could ever have imagined. Although, recent postings on social media show us there is nothing new in this world and […]

4Oct2016 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Ignorant Voters Challenge One’s Sanity

I actually know some of these people.  This conversation showed up on my facebook page.  These people are angry because Obama will not let them vote a ‘split ticket’ in the August Primary Election.  They throw terms around like “constitutional rights”  and “denied the right to vote”.  These people are Trump supports and they are […]

5Aug2016 | | 4 comments | Continued
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2011 – Dawn of the 21st Century

On  September 11, 2001, the rooster crowed.  A new age was upon us but the world was slow to awaken.  Stumbling in the early morning darkness we knocked over two countries, alienated our friends, and disrupted world commerce.  The people of the United States have finally wiped the sleep from their eyes and the Dawn […]

11Sep2011 | | Comments Off on 2011 – Dawn of the 21st Century | Continued
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How to Lose a Political Majority in Ten Months

This past decade should have taught the politicians in Washington D. C. a thing or two about how to lose a majority in Congress.  The shenanigans on the hill are just not well tolerated by the voting public.  Each of the two dominant political parties have won and lost majorities by foolish political wrangling.  Did […]

15Feb2010 | | Comments Off on How to Lose a Political Majority in Ten Months | Continued
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Political Party Custom and Nature

World War Two in Europe was winding down.  There was talk of an armistice – a mutually agreeable peace treaty.  The allies, Soviet, English, and American, called for an unconditional surrender – there would be no armistice.  Some criticized ‘unconditional’ as too severe.  These terms seem to apply to the current atmosphere in Washington D. […]

13Feb2010 | | Comments Off on Political Party Custom and Nature | Continued
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Make Hay While The Sun Shines

The Democrats thought the sun was shining.  The election of 2008 swept the Democrats back into power in Washington D.C.  – or so they thought.   It now appears that Washington is not so different than Punkin Center, Missouri.  Here in Punkin Center we live and die by old sayings.  The relevant saying aptly applied to […]

26Jan2010 | | Comments Off on Make Hay While The Sun Shines | Continued
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Arlen Spector Switches Political Parties

Senator Arlen Spector, a long time Republican from Pennsylvania, is reported to be poised to switch political parties.  Senator Spector has always been his own man, not necessarily following party lines.  (Don’t we all wish there were more of these types of politicians).  The powerful punch of this news rests in the power structure of […]

28Apr2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Where Have All the Liberals Gone?

So many people are unclear today about what it means to be liberal and conservative, democrat or republican, Methodist or Episcopalian. I think it would be a good idea to examine these things and to make conscious decisions and form intentional and reasonable conclusions about current events, rather than subscribe to an ideology or system of beliefs because our parents did, because the media is in an uproar, or because of the all-to-common cult of personality.

16Feb2009 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Identity Confusion

Who am I? Sounds like something Descartes might have asked – but I am not nearly so complex a creature as Descartes. There are a few things that are certain. I know I am a father and a grandfather. But those are mere biological truths (I defer here to Descartes). But the ideal of world politics, of a world community, of being an active participant in my world – leaves me a bit confused. I am just trying to figure out if I am liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. It seems to me that the question is most often defined in terms of economics – and sometimes in terms of culture.

2Feb2009 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Democrats are Complicit in Economic Collapse

Democrats and Republicans mixed the Perfect Economic Storm.  A big part of the collapse of Wall Street should rightly be put at the feet of the Wall Street Bankers.  These are the ‘experts’ who were charged with managing the bank’s resources.  Our government sanctioned lunacy in the banking industry – but that does not excuse […]

7Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Democrats are Complicit in Economic Collapse | Continued
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Michelle Obama for First Lady

Glamorous, intelligent, kind, good judgment, well spoken, great parent, good taste in men – what is not to like about this lady? She is speaking tonight at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. Many people do not know or understand the power of this great lady – a lady this writer would be proud […]

26Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Michelle Obama for First Lady | Continued
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Video – Kennedys endorse Obama, from MSNBC

Son, I could not capture the power of the news conference today. My earlier post has some of the quotes from the Kennedys – but the written word cannot capture their presence. We can all have hopes for the future of America. Hopes for Social Justice, for health care, for education, for peace, for prosperity, […]

25Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Video – Kennedys endorse Obama, from MSNBC | Continued
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Hillary Clinton comments on Joe Biden

This writer just received and email form Hillary Clinton – we will share it here: I want to congratulate Joe Biden on becoming the vice presidential running nominee. Joe is a friend and colleague, a strong experienced leader and a devoted public servant. I look forward to not only seeing him in Denver next week […]

24Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Hillary Clinton comments on Joe Biden | Continued
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Obama and Biden, 8-23-2008

Barack Obama has show his maturity and self confidence, he has chosen a sophisticated political professional as his running mate. A less confident man would have chosen someone less qualified. Obama knows that Joe Biden is a powerful and forceful Senator with a great deal of knowledge about foreign and domestic policy. Congratulations, Mr. Obama, […]

24Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Obama and Biden, 8-23-2008 | Continued
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Broder on Political Conventions

Understanding the American political process is essential to understanding how to vote. The strategies used by candidates to win their party nomination and the subsequent quest for political office reveals a great deal about their thinking processes and their character. The Washington Post is one of this writer’s favorite places to visit for information. The […]

22Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Broder on Political Conventions | Continued
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Obama, Clinton, ABC debate, 4-16-2008

6:40 PM: Here we go again. These debates are tiring – but very necessary. There are undecided voters out there who want information. They want to make a good decision – they know that bad decisions in the past two Presidential Elections have proved disastrous for our country and for the world. Clinton has been […]

17Apr2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Obama and Momentum

Son, Momentum is a buzz word in sports and politics.   Obama has won a string of State victories since Super Tuesday.  He is winning again today.  So what does this mean?  Not much. Obama shocked the nation when he won Iowa – took the big momentum into New Hampshire and soundly lost to Hillary […]

13Feb2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Obama, “We Can Win Virginia” speech

Son, Barack Obama gains strength every time he gives a speech. The confidence of victory resonates in his words, tone, and general presentation. He has taken the lead and now need to close the deal – It looks like he is ready. Dad

10Feb2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Hillary Clinton Super Tuesday Speech

Son, Hillary Clinton gave an uplifting speech on Super Tuesday.  Clinton and Obama split the vote across the country – so this was not a forceful victory celebration.  But this was probably one of her better presentations as a candidate. Clinton was eloquent, charming,  and her style was refreshing.  She spoke to the people, and […]

6Feb2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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“Yes We Can,” The Mantra of Barack Obama

Son, Supporters of Barack Obama have created this inspiring video.  There is a clear demonstration of unity across race, age, gender, and gifted talented people. Barack Obama has inspired America. We must help share this message of hope.  This is not just about America – it is about standing up at a time when our […]

5Feb2008 | | Comments Off on “Yes We Can,” The Mantra of Barack Obama | Continued
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Caroline Kennedy or Michael Reagan

Son, Presidents have sons and daughters. Sometimes the children grow up to engage politics, sometimes they don’t. Think of Caroline Kennedy, daughter of John F. Kennedy, and an image comes to mind. Think of Michael Reagan, son of Ronald Reagan, and another image comes to mind – hopefully not for long. Do the children of […]

30Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Caroline Kennedy or Michael Reagan | Continued
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Clinton Ambushed Obama in Florida

Son, Hillary Clinton played a nasty game tonight. She ambushed Barack Obama in Florida. How so? There was no open competition. The Democratic National Committee chose not to recognize the Florida Primary because Florida chose to move the date of the Primary. The candidates had agreed not to campaign in Florida and to not accept […]

30Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Bush – SOTU – no call for sacrifice – no hope

Son, One of the problems these past seven years is that the American public has not been asked to directly suffer to rigors of war. There is indirect suffering – blamed on the Democrats.  Bush gave his State of Denial. The President gave a list of highlights of his Presidency with the same set of […]

29Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bush – SOTU – no call for sacrifice – no hope | Continued
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Video comparing Obama to Robert Kennedy

Son, The excitement of hope has returned to America. I was 18 and eligible for the draft when Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. An entire generation of Americans was devastated. I remember the sense of loss, loss of hope, loss of dreams. Today I believe there are better days ahead. Dad

29Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Video comparing Obama to Robert Kennedy | Continued
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Kennedys endorse Obama – so what?

Son, There is an old axiom in local politics, “When someone or some group endorses you, you get all of their enemies and none of their friends.”  Is this true?  What can an endorsement by Ted Kennedy add to Mr. Obama’s candidacy. This is important on a couple of notes.  Senator Kennedy has as many […]

27Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Kennedys endorse Obama – so what? | Continued
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Obama has the national Delegate lead

Son, This South Carolina primary election is really big.  The Obama campaign was hoping to win up to 20 of the 45 delegates available in South Carolina.  It looks like they will round up over 25 delegates.  Obama already had a couple of delegates lead over Clinton. This clearly puts Obama in the driver’s seat.  […]

27Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Obama has the national Delegate lead | Continued
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Obama Wins South Carolina- AP says Rout!

Son, This is a big day in American Politics. Barack Obama has won the South Carolina Democratic Primary. The Associated Press is calling this victory a rout. The white vote split three ways with Obama, Clinton, and Edwards. What can this mean? Obama continues to show strength. He seemed to lose some steam after Iowa […]

27Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Bill Clinton Supports Hillary

Son, Are you surprised?  Is anyone surprised?  What are the other spouses doing?  But this is Bill Clinton – former President of the United States.  Traditionally former presidents have not taken a position until their party nominee is selected – but this is just another example of the historical ramifications of a former First Lady […]

21Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bill Clinton Supports Hillary | Continued
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Huckabee, Morning Joe, and Matthew 25

Son, Mike Huckabee is a theologian running for President. It happens. He is an educated Christian Minister, well versed in theology. He is a former Governor, well versed in legislative and executive business. He is well spoken, charming, energetic, and has a healthy sense of humor. But my take is that his ambition overrides his […]

14Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Huckabee, Morning Joe, and Matthew 25 | Continued
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Old Time Vote Counting

Son, I was a Democratic Committeeman before you were born. In the old partisan elections we Party Committee people appointed election judges and clerks. Usually five Democrats and five Republicans at each precinct. I did all of the despicable political stuff – even appointing your great-aunt as a clerk because she needed something to do […]

9Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Old Time Vote Counting | Continued
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Bambi Obama

Son, Barack Obama has been anointed. Personally I am happy for him and for our country. But when a super star rises and the people rally – objective politics is endangered. Who wants to shoot Bambi? Dad An afterthought – I wrote the above post with on a whim. It had already been posted when […]

8Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bambi Obama | Continued
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NH Political Predictions of Ohg Rea Tone

Son, Some processes are all about momentum.  Momentum is not arbitrary – there are roots of rationale.  There is cause and purpose.  The forces at play in breaking the sled loose continue to propel – mass in motion is difficult to stop.  The block of votes gained in Iowa have gravitational pull that directly correlates […]

4Jan2008 | | Comments Off on NH Political Predictions of Ohg Rea Tone | Continued
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Why Iowa Matters

Son, Politics – No one likes to lose. Worse – if we back a loser then we become the loser in the game of influence. Backing the winner translates into bragging rights, then influence, then power, then more bragging rights. It is the fundamental flaw of our electoral process. Caucuses are inherently unfair, or should […]

3Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Media Hosts Fail in Presidential Debates

Son, Is our inept Media driving foreign policy?  Do we rely on celebrity Media Hosts to define important issues?  I hope not.  Because the Media Hosts are so infatuated with themselves that they are not aware of a big world and real issues that have real consequences. I hearken back to the Democratic Debate.  Time […]

28Dec2007 | | Comments Off on Media Hosts Fail in Presidential Debates | Continued
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Qualities of an American President?

Son, This is a redraft of a previous post.  The previous post focused on Ron Paul – but while writing that post I realized there are bigger issues at stake. Ron Paul is running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. ON the surface it seems entirely remarkable that this man of […]

26Dec2007 | | Comments Off on Qualities of an American President? | Continued
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The Rise of Ron Paul

Son, Ron Paul is running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  ON the surface it seems entirely remarkable that this man of little logic is having so much success, both in admiring fans and his ability to raise money.  He is worth looking at – not because of his ideas – […]

26Dec2007 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Oprah and Barack – transcending race

Son, A curious phenomenon is taking place. Oprah Winfrey is going on the stump for Barack Obama. So what? It is not unusual for celebrities to endorse candidates for political office. But this phenomenon is unusual, for several reasons. Oprah does not normally do this. Oprah has been on television for 25 years and has […]

26Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Oprah and Barack – transcending race | Continued
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Yes To Healthy Dialogue – No to This Administration

Dad – I am still under the assumption that all dialogue serves us well, but that some people probably should be removed from the conversation in order to keep it rolling. It is complicated, yes, and we should approach our international situation with care. I have spent the last few years learning how to act, […]

10Sep2007 | | Comments Off on Yes To Healthy Dialogue – No to This Administration | Continued