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Twoness, The Paradox of Parenthood

I am a young Senior citizen.  As such one might deduce that my parents were part of “the greatest generation”.  That would be correct.  My parents grew up during the depression.  My father fought in World War Two.  Have I mentioned that there were seven children in my family?  My mother stayed home to raise […]

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Sadness, Depression, Grief, The Deep Struggles of Life

Let’s get personal about the issues of sadness, depression, and grief.  I can see these things playing out in my family – my parents, siblings, in-laws, my children, my nieces and nephews. These sensations are not all-or-nothing.  There seem to be degrees of sadness, a continum.  My personal life has covered the spectrum.  I believe […]

17May2016 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Shouts of Despair Go Unheard

I work with others.  Mostly volunteer work – but I find my self in the horrid trenches of the front line battle against despair.  The Four Horsemen of Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, and Despair march the earth seeking human souls.  What do I see?  What do I hear? Last week a man happened upon me – […]

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Preparing For The Emotional Downtime of Winter

I am a sunshine guy.  I much prefer hot weather to cold.  With St. Joseph, Missouri, as my hometown my weather experience is of all extremes.  Northwest Missouri is like that – the joke is this:  If you don’t like Missouri weather wait a day and it will change.  Being a sunshine guy does not […]

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Clutter, Hoarding, Pyschological Diagnosis or a Busy Family

So what is it with people who hoard ‘things’ – who place their ‘things’ around the house with indiscriminate frivolity? Is this just a value system learned in childhood, the symptoms of a life too busy to sort through the ‘things’, or are these people nuts and require treatment with Tiger Woods? And the more important question: Am I one of ‘those’ people?

10Feb2010 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The Poverty Inoculation – Gratitude

This economy was beginning to make me sick.  My stock portfolio has lost half of the value.  Dividends are now 5% of $10 instead of 5% of $20 – so my income is shredded.  The identification thieves skip my trash can – there is nothing left to steal.  The illness was creeping into my neurological […]

24Nov2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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A Nickel for Bread, But No One Has a Nickel

The old man who cleaned our office, back in the 1970’s, would sometimes talk of the great depression.  “Ohg,” he would say, “Bread was a nickel a loaf, but nobody had a nickel.”  Then Jimmie would smile and go about his business.  Jimmie had a different comfort level – his tolerance for meagerness was greater […]

20Nov2008 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Of Courage Undaunted

Mental illness strikes at the soul of man. The insanity degenerates with the ‘righteous’ who are quick to pull the sin card. Meriwether Lewis, that great American icon of exploration, suffered a mental illness that we know of today as depression.

6Nov2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Which Came First? Religion or Depression

There’s a cartoon with a chicken and an egg in bed together. The chicken is smoking a cigarette with a very satisfied expression on his face, and the egg is restless and disgruntled. The caption above the egg says, “Well, I guess that answers the question.” That’s how I think of the relationship between depression […]

30Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Which Came First? Religion or Depression | Continued
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Songs of the Great Depression

These are some very nice videos posted on youtube about the Great Depression. Well at least we got some good music out of the national sadness. Get ready for another renaissance in music. Woody Guthrie sang about the hard times in America. “This Land Was Made For You and Me” has become a folk classic […]

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Woody Guthrie Sings About Immigration

I took some minor liberties with the title. Woody Guthrie was singing about immigration – but he was referring to the dust bowl immigrants to California. We forget that time when Americans were denied entrance into another State because of economics. See Also: Where is Woody Guthrie.

17Sep2008 | | Comments Off on Woody Guthrie Sings About Immigration | Continued
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Bruce Springsteen on Immigration

Son, Bruce Springsteen sings “This Land is Your Land” – a beautiful rendition of the Woody Guthrie classic. This song was written by a frustrated Guthrie in protest about the State by State policy on immigration. See Where is Woody Guthrie. The tragedy of the Dust Bowl swept this great nation during the Depression. People […]

27Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bruce Springsteen on Immigration | Continued
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The Dark Mood of Voters

Son, This election year has few historical examples to choose from.  Perhaps in 1932 or in 1980.  Those elections were gut wrenching because of the dark mood of the populace.  The dark mood was one of the somber reality of the power of the President.  2008 is one of those pivotal moments in history when […]

24Jan2008 | | Comments Off on The Dark Mood of Voters | Continued
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Struggling with winter blues, 1-15-08

Son, I am struggling with the winter blues. Generally I enjoy the changing of the seasons. My perennial flower gardens are one of the great joys of my life – I know spring has arrived when the Hostas first peek out from under the warm blanket of mulch. Summer brings grandchildren baseball games, grilled hamburgers, […]

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