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More Bush Humor

Son, The American People are going to miss George W. Bush. This Presidency has been the source of some really fine humor. Here are a couple of videos. This is a play on the Abbott and Costello ‘Who’s on First’ routine: Here is that great Bush impersonator on Comedy Central with Jeff Foxworthy: Here is […]

22Feb2008 | | Comments Off on More Bush Humor | Continued
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Laura Bush reacts to Colbert – “Get F……”

Son, What did Laura Bush say to Colbert after his presentation at the White House Correspondents Dinner in April of 2008? Well – different people heard different things. Check out this video. Dad

22Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Laura Bush reacts to Colbert – “Get F……” | Continued
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Bush reacts to Steven Colbert

Son, On April 29, 2008, Steven Colbert was a guest at the White House correspondents dinner. The ABC news cameras focused on President George Bush during Colbert’s presentation. He does not seem happy. My take is that Steven Colbert is a little overboard. It strikes me that the President of the United States would grow […]

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The Christams Aftermath…

Dad, Christmas is over, and my house is a wreck.  I have been doing laps around the kitchen and living room with my son getting geared up to clean.  I have had two cups of coffee and have checked my email twice, trying to get through the neglected part of my inbox.  I started some […]

27Dec2007 | | Comments Off on The Christams Aftermath… | Continued