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America is the Definition of Cosmopolitan

Everything about America that is considered great and wonderful is the result of the melding of cultural ideals brought here by immigrants. People across this country enjoy Mexican Restaurants – as long as there are no actual Mexicans in the place.

8May2010 | | Comments Off on America is the Definition of Cosmopolitan | Continued
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My first caucus experience

Dad, I just returned form my first caucus experience. It was quite an operation. The caucus was held at the Community Rec Center, which is indicative of the kind of event that it turned out to be. When we arrived, there were organizers at the doors in their campaign gear directing traffic. The gymnasium was […]

4Jan2008 | | Comments Off on My first caucus experience | Continued
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The Point of Leadership

Son, Leadership is not personal.  Leadership is not about what I do at home in the evening, when no one is watching.  Leadership is about what one does when everyone is watching. I really don’t care about the televangelist who privately has a couple of mistresses on the side.  Who cares – what is the […]

29Dec2007 | | Comments Off on The Point of Leadership | Continued