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“Life Has Killed The Dream I Dreamed”

Have you ever felt like Fantine?  Remember her – that forlorn girl of Victor Hugo’s imagination?  Hugo was a master of the forlorn, of les miserables.  We live in an unfair world.  That has been the case in my life – but life often favored me.  My life was blessed with work and play, blessed […]

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Politics of Racism, 1903, 1968, 1988, 2009

I collect political memorabilia. As I looked through my junk last night I realized how much we have changed.

I have a George Wallace neck tie from his 1968 run at the Presidency. It is a thin white tie with bold red letters horizontally positioned that reads Wallace ’68. Twenty years ago I attached a campaign button to the Wallace tie – it reads Jesse Jackson ’88.

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Obama’s ‘Dream Team’

By Michael Falcone Barack Obama in May, 2008. (Photo:Doug Mills/The New York Times) Besides their impressive resumes and political star-power, a few of President-elect Barack Obama’s top cabinet choices have something else in common — hoop dreams. Though these days Eric H. Holder Jr., Susan E. Rice and Gen. James L. Jones, may be more […]

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3 etiquette tips for discussing dreams:

Dad, How many times has someone told you about a dream, and half way through their in depth analysis of what happened while you were sound asleep, you realize that you are just not interested?  You weren’t there, you aren’t talking about anyone that you know, and you aren’t even talking about a real place. […]

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Take That! Al Sharpton

Son, I am so tickled at Obama’s success. He has demonstrated that Black leaders are not just loud mouthed buffoons with a shallow and selfish agenda. Of course, I am speaking of Al Sharpton.  Barack Obam is a poke in Al Sharpton’s bigoted eye. Even setting Imus aside, Sharpton runs around the country, as he […]

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Excellent Blogging

Son, So we have been talking, and I wrote a post this morning, about where to take our blog. It occurred to me that we should be aware of fundamentals of excellence in whatever we do. Last summer (2006) I attended the National Rural Institute on Alcohol and Drug Abuse at the University of Wisconsin […]

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