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Surrender – Man’s Eternal Conflict

Surrender is personal.  Every day we are faced with decisions that concern surrender.  We surrender to traffic laws, to office protocols, to the School Evening Program of our children, to the irritable clerk at the grocery store, to unwritten codes of conduct spelled out by our particular culture.  Sometimes we surrender to our base instincts […]

27Mar2014 | | Comments Off on Surrender – Man’s Eternal Conflict | Continued
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Ego Humor

He’s not egotistical.  He just loves intelligent people. He collects his own autographs. Some people think they know everything.  They irritate those of us who do. His marriage was a triangle:  Him, his wife, and him. He never takes a hot shower, it clouds his mirror. He found his better half in a mirror. Fall […]

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John McCain is General George Armstrong Custer

History tells us of a West Point General who graduated last in his class, General George Armstrong Custer.  It turns out he was a little man with a huge ego.  His scouts said, Don’t go down in that valley – there are ten thousand Indians waiting to scalp you.  But General Custer had his eyes […]

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