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More on My Emotionally Disturbed Friend

I wrote recently on the escapades of my emotionally disturbed friend – well – today saw a significant turn of events.  I thought about writing the other day to report that life seemed better for that man of great hurt and grief.  I would have said I thought he had turned a positive corner.  He […]

11Oct2014 | | Comments Off on More on My Emotionally Disturbed Friend | Continued
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Tea Party Movement Based on Emotion – Not Political Ideology

There is a really sad truth about the Tea Party Movement.  The majority of the protesters are not sophisticated political operatives.  I know many of them personally.  These are people who have lived the good American life – they worked and struggled, they saved some money, their children went to public schools, they drink cheap […]

14Apr2010 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Fearists: the new face of terror…

Dad, We need a new term. You approached the idea of terrorism in other forms in a previous post. We need to identify that terrorists use violence, but many use fear and it is almost as destructive. I think if you use fear to influence others’ actions or to bring about social or political change, […]

9Oct2007 | | 3 comments | Continued