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All Politics is local – candidates for President

Son, Speaking of Social Security – who has the best plan? When Franklin D. Roosevelt came up with the idea he cleverly gave his plan a name that few could argue with. Who could argue with the idea of being socially secure – everyone wants that! Forty years later Lyndon B. Johnson added Medicare. Another […]

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Family Support

Son, I was at a Bantam League Football game yesterday, watching your nephew play. This is his first year of tackle football – he is in the third grade. Your Mom and older sister were there. We had a nice chat. Your younger sister and her husband just closed on a new house on Friday. […]

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I think I’ll have a seat

Son ā€“ I have read your introductory entry. You have addressed the reader ā€“ so shall I. My son has asked me to write with him. With him, to him, at him ā€“ something, Iā€™m not quite sure. I read his first post, the introduction to this blog. He said the purpose was not a […]

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come on in. have a seat.

I believe that the hope with these articles is to document a journey of conversation that happens between two generations, a father and son, and to find a way to leverage that journey to make ourselves better; more thoughtful, more aware, more connected. You will find two remarkably similar writers and persons, and you will […]

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