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Constitutional Conservative is an Oxymoron

Our Founding Fathers were some of the most liberal people on the planet – then and now.  Consider the questions they had to ask, and their answers in the form of our Constitution.  Remember – they were forming a completely new government. Where shall power reside?  Three branches of government with checks and balances – […]

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Founding Fathers Commentary on Religion

  “If I could conceive that the general government might ever be so administered as to render the liberty of conscience insecure, I beg you will be persuaded, that no one would be more zealous than myself to establish effectual barriers against the horrors of spiritual tyranny, and every species of religious persecution.” – George […]

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Ron and Rand Paul are Dead Wrong

Son, Ron Paul brings an interesting perspective to the political conversation.  He is wrong, Dead Wrong.  Ron Paul does not understand the process of government. He does understand that there are serious problems with the manner in which our present Federal Government is being run.  But that alone does not make him correct. I think […]

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“Democracy is no Harlot…”

The 2010 Tea Party shenanigans are dangerous.  They use the name “Tea Party” to denote an affiliation with the historical Boston Tea Party that preceded the American Revolution.  The Boston Tea Party was a direct revolt against King George’s tax on imported tea – taxation without representation.  This modern version bears little resemblance to the […]

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Electoral College – a Debate

The race is heating up. The next few weeks will see more debate on the value of the Electoral College, the process of electing the President of the United States of America. This is an important equalizer in American politics. The Founding Fathers established a process based on their immense knowledge and understanding of history. […]

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States Rights – a Feudal System

Bear with me – sometimes the answers to current problems have historical roots – and the answers to complex problems have already been worked out.  Over time people have tried varieties of government and economic systems.  Our Founding Fathers studied the history of government and molded the bold liberal experiment that we now call the […]

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Declaring Independence from Politics as Usual

Son, This is truly an exciting election.  I have said Revolution, and the numbers continue to support that conclusion.  Wisconsin is important.  This state represents a string of victories for Barack Obama – with a two week break before the next big primaries in Texas and Ohio.  But are there any other demographic changes from […]

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Limbaugh looks and sounds like Tim Russert

Son, I hearken back a few weeks to a Democratic Debate sponsored by MSNBC.  The moderator was Tim Russert.  As we reflect on substance we can see that Tim Russert has drug MSNBC and NBC down to the level of conservative talk radio.  Russert has climbed to the top of the ‘good old boys’ network […]

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Election Process – the debates are good for process

Son, There is value in our election process. The Founding Fathers debated the idea of having the popular vote. There were some who thought the idea was flawed. Some said only landowners should vote. Some said only those with an education should vote. Some wanted a Monarchy. The debate amongst the Founding Fathers – a […]

23Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Election Process – the debates are good for process | Continued
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What Distinguishes America from other Countries

Son, You and I are honored to live in the greatest country in all of human history – and even pre-history, if I may be so bold. This is a common refrain in this time of Presidential elections – but is there truth to the statement? I believe there is. If there is truth – […]

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Anonymous Blogging – is there value?

Son, Words – are they the same if you know who said them than if you do not know? Do words stand on their own? Does an idea stand on it’s own? Or is in necessary to put everything in the context of who said it? I write as Ohg Rea Tone, a nom de […]

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