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Emotional Disturbances of a Friend

My friend is having emotional disturbances in his live – again.  I recognize this as his problem – but still I feel sadness.  He has lost his family over bitter disagreements about child raising.  He attends a therapy group where he can talk about what happened.  He reports his findings.  There are several in the […]

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Confirmed As A Friend – Social Networking

Friends.  What a wonderful concept.  Everyone hopes to have at least one.  There are actually psychological studies affirming the value of friendship.  That affirmation comes with caveats – such as your friend has to actually like you for who you are.  Cyber friendships on social networking sites bring all of the joys and pitfalls of […]

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Political endorsement, any value?

Son, There is an old axiom in local politics, “When someone or some group endorses you, you get all of their enemies and none of their friends.” Who knows?  We do know that politicians actively seek endorsements. Readers – what do you think – are endorsements valuable? Dad

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