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Artistic Interpretation of Trump Victory

Ben Franklin was a Founding Father who used political cartoons as a means of persuasion.  With biting with he would cause a person to reflect and reconsider.  And that was not his day job.  Some people are just naturally gifted at imagery and symbolism used a tools for thoughtful discourse.  I am no expert on […]

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A Global Climate Change (animation video)

The following is a very good animation of global climate. Accompanying the animation is a well written and spoken script of explanation. The Fireside is happy to host and spread this information.

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Forecast Project Earth

Dr. Gerald Durley is a preacher – but he is extraordinary – at 67 years old he has been on the front of most of the important cultural movements in his lifetime.  Dr Durley is a visionary who has started his Congregation Conservation effort.  Listen to this wonderful man.The Washington Post has a video section […]

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Clean Electricity in Ten Years

We have written several times on Global Warming – now real money is being invested in educating the human populations about this fundamental truth of our time. The following is a video advertisement running on many television networks – This writer likes the music and the imagery. Wecansolveit.org has several good videos.  We are happy […]

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New Al Gore video on climate change

Al Gore says this better than I.

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Representing US to the World

Son, We live in a Republic.  Our government represents us.  Taxes, infrastructure, social justice, law, common defense – all of that traditional stuff.  Stuff that is defined in the preamble to our constitution.   But we live today in a global community.  Someone has to represent us to the world.  That someone is the President.  […]

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Sculpting with Trees

Son, The past three years I have planted seven Redbud trees.  They were all about a foot tall when first planted.  I like Redbuds because they grow pretty fast – and that suits my need to sculpt them.  They are now about twelve fee tall. Every winter, when the leaves are gone and the sap […]

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