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Personal Experience With Tea Bag Mentality

This is a sad post for me to write.  I live in northwest Missouri – in the isolated world of simple people relishing ignorance.  The reverse discrimination against education and professionalism permeates the culture.  My sadness surrounds my family – a people proud of being in the lower economic class.  Most of them are adamant […]

12Apr2010 | | 32 comments | Continued
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Angry At Government – Or Just Angry

The word ‘angry’ is being thrown around with loose abandon.  Editorials across the free press note the ‘anger of the voters.’  There is legitimate anger.  But there is also illegitimate anger.   Does legitimacy make any difference?  Is anger the same whether legitimate or not?  Is an angry voter a rational voter? The essence of anger […]

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Is A Partisan America About to Lose The Future?

Petty squabbling is consuming The United States Government.  There is gridlock on Capital Hill.  It appears that most people in Congress are running for reelection in 2010 and their message is to blame the other party.  Is this leadership?  Is this the solution to the mounting problems of America?  We need only to look back […]

29Jan2010 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The Conservative Manifesto For American Bloodshed

The deceptive elements of evil are alive and well within the right wing conservative movement. These people worship at the alter of false Reaganism. They quote Reagan as an opponent of government, when the obvious fact is that Ronald Reagan was the head of the government. The right wing of the early 21st Century distorts the words of President Reagan to serve their own evil purpose. Ronald Reagan NEVER advocated an armed revolution against the United States of America.

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What Benedict Hasn’t Said About the Holocaust

James Carroll Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to a synagogue in New York this week will evoke his visit to the oldest synagogue in Germany nearly three years ago. On that occasion, addressing leaders of Cologne’s Jewish community, Pope Benedict properly addressed the question of the Shoah. He deplored Hitler’s campaign to eliminate the Jewish people, […]

11Nov2008 | | Comments Off on What Benedict Hasn’t Said About the Holocaust | Continued
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Ann Coulter – a study in journalism

One of our readers recommended that I read some Ann Coulter.  Not one to dismiss our readers outright, I found this intriguing documentary by SuperNews.  The depth of study is reflected in the Ann Coulter-like bibliography.  Ms. Coulter thinks of herself as a professional journalist – and who in the mainstream media today has the […]

2May2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The Prophecy of Ohg Rea Tone – 2008

Son, I am compelled on this Christmas Day in 2007 to offer some insight into 2008. In the true spirit of prophecy I will focus on conditional prophecies. Conditional prophecies are most useful because they allow us opportunity to have some say in future events – if we were only aware of the conditional stimuli. […]

26Dec2007 | | Comments Off on The Prophecy of Ohg Rea Tone – 2008 | Continued
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Nostradamus – a cruel hoax

Son, I have a bad knee – well, they did surgery on it in 1983. My knee now reacts to the weather. I can always tell when it rained yesterday. Such is the case with the predictions of Nostradamus. It is Christmas Day and I am tired – I stayed up late last night – […]

25Dec2007 | | Comments Off on Nostradamus – a cruel hoax | Continued