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The Homosexual Paradigm – Personal Experience

(Originally posted May 1, 2012.  Re-posted out of a sense of need for the current discussion). There is no universal homosexual paradigm – but there are strong paradigms that drive our society.   Previous generations of Americans often ignored the Gay community – you stay in your closet, I’ll stay in mine.  Today we find the […]

1Mar2017 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Duck Dynasty – When Rednecks Are No Longer Funny

You might be a redneck if you go to family reunions looking for girls.  Pretty funny stuff right there.  God forgive me.  Duck Dynasty is a reality show airing on A&E.  The premise is simple – some rednecks living in the swamplands of Louisiana became rich selling hand wrought Duck calls.  But, alas, they remain […]

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The Problem is Heterosexuals in the Military

My son is a flaming heterosexual.  He does not attempt to hide this fact, but neither does he go around broadcasting his sexual preferences.  Our family chose to just ignore his life style.  When he was twenty years old he joined the Navy.  It was some time during his four year tour of duty that […]

3Feb2010 | | 6 comments | Continued
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The Right to Privacy – The 9th Amendment – Gay Marriage

Our Founding Fathers were masters of compromise.  Some wanted specific rights established in the form of a Bill of Rights.  Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom from search and seizure, Freedom to bear arms, Freedom of speech, we become redundant – suffice it to say that some rights were considered so important that […]

14Nov2008 | | Comments Off on The Right to Privacy – The 9th Amendment – Gay Marriage | Continued