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Chief’s Football Analysis by PEG

Well….I must comment on the KC Chiefs victory last night. Those of you who know me well….after being a lifetime fan, who remembers watching the Chiefs Win the Super Bowl in 1970, know the Chiefs lost my unconditional love after they lost 1998 AFC Divisional Home Game (13-3, home field advantage, 1st round bye) to […]

10Sep2017 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Curse The Kansas City Chiefs

Cursed.  Or cursed.  We can only know for sure that we curse our favorite NFL Team – the Kansas City Chiefs.  Clark Hunt made a valiant effort last year to change the course of dismal tomfoolery exhibited virtually every Sunday in the fall football season.  But this team has to rank among the all-time worst […]

6Dec2009 | | Comments Off on Curse The Kansas City Chiefs | Continued
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Kansas City Chiefs – Where is Clark Hunt?

There is a disaster unfolding in Kansas City, Missouri.  It is not natural.  It is hardly believable.  The Kansas City Chiefs, the proud heritage of Lamar Hunt, are proving to be a huge embarrassment for everyone in Missouri who live west of the Mississippi.  The Chiefs are the laughing stock of the sports world. It […]

15Sep2008 | | Comments Off on Kansas City Chiefs – Where is Clark Hunt? | Continued
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Kansas City Chiefs – 9-14-2008

This writer is a fair weather Kansas City Chiefs fan. But even mildly interested folks like myself are embarrassed again this year. The Kansas City Chiefs had one of the most potent offenses of this decade. Today we are watching a three quarterback rotation that no other team employs – Does Coach Herm Edwards understand […]

15Sep2008 | | Comments Off on Kansas City Chiefs – 9-14-2008 | Continued
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Salem Witch Hunt – Ultimate Water Boarding

Son, The use of water boarding by the United States Government to ferret out ‘terrorists’ reminds me of the witch hunts of 1692 in Massachusetts.  One of those dark moments in American history.  It is a catch 22 for the person being tortured.  Tell us what we want to hear or risk drowning – does […]

10Mar2008 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Cronyism – It Never Works

Son, Good Old Boys, buddies, cronies, buds – terms of endearment. Harry Truman had a bunch of cronies. He gave some of them jobs in the White House. Not important jobs, just a paycheck to hang around and play poker at night. The important jobs of Vice President, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense […]

26Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Cronyism – It Never Works | Continued