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Faith or Ideology – Checking Personal Morality

This guy “Francis, Pope” made some comments recently regarding Christian ideology.  He must be famous or something because the internet is frying cables in dispensing his remarks.  Who he is is not as important was what he said.  I believe that words and ideas stand alone, regardless of who conjured them. Mr. Francis said something […]

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Promoting the Liberal Myth

There seems to be a mythology of the liberal cause. The term ‘Liberal’ is used as a noun to describe a secret sect of devil worshipers. The implication is something like this: Liberals meet in secret places, conduct secret rituals, and are the root of the new world order meant to destroy freedom and prosperity. Liberals prefer socialism to capitalism. Liberals prefer dictators to democracy. Liberals want to reward terrorists. Liberals think Labor Unions should run businesses. They are like the Freemasons, except they are more organized and more evil.

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Where Have All the Liberals Gone?

So many people are unclear today about what it means to be liberal and conservative, democrat or republican, Methodist or Episcopalian. I think it would be a good idea to examine these things and to make conscious decisions and form intentional and reasonable conclusions about current events, rather than subscribe to an ideology or system of beliefs because our parents did, because the media is in an uproar, or because of the all-to-common cult of personality.

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Governor Palin – a UFO

We live in a dangerous world.  Our leaders must be thoughtful, careful, calculated.  John McCain has proven himself to be reactionary.  Republican or Democrat, we must be proactive in our approach to the world.  Reactionary government is something one expects from a totalitarian dictatorship walking the line of collapse.  The dictator fears only one thing […]

30Aug2008 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Ron Paul, Marijuana, Government

Son, Ron Paul takes huge leaps of logic. There is a fundamental problem with his libertarian philosophy. That philosophy ignores the inter-dependence of modern society. Centralized government must take a larger role in a world where individuals States can no longer stand alone – Marijuana crosses the State borders like the wind. No one State […]

24Jan2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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2008 Resolutions to save money

Son, Budget, budget, budget.  Plan, plan, plan.  Then execute the planned budget with resolve.  There are some general rules – and some specifics.  For someone with no plan – plan.  For someone with a plan, expand the plan. But why save – what is the purpose?  There are many reasons – retirement, security, education of […]

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