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Where is Woody Guthrie

It was hot. And dry. The wind blew and a dust storm raged. People finally just started calling it a dust bowl. The Midwest was overwhelmed with drought, the country overwhelmed with depression. People got tired. They got hungry. They got desperate. They could not feed their children. But they heard a story, a story […]

15May2016 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Why Immigration Today Has Racial Overtones

I know some of the folks opposed to open immigration – they are friends and relatives – people opposed to open immigration.  These are people who are frustrated when anyone suggests their opinions are ‘racist’.  They throw up their arms in defiance – accusing ‘those liberals of always playing the race card’.  But not so […]

6Apr2014 | | Comments Off on Why Immigration Today Has Racial Overtones | Continued
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The Redneck Walks The Immigrant Trail

The trail ends at Saint Joseph, Missouri.  Some say it also begins there.  The Immigrant Trail has not yet been officially documented by historians – but the trail exists today.  When documented there is good cause to believe there will be a trail of tears.  But I get ahead of myself. I live just outside […]

8Sep2010 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Please Don’t Profile My Pit Bull

Profiling is an act of discrimination.  Discrimination is the act of stereotyping, of generalizing, of lumping all the coal in one bucket.  There are laws in America against discrimination based on race, color, creed, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, mental ability, height, weight, and color of eyes.  Anywhere discrimination exists the Federal Government is there to […]

28May2010 | | Comments Off on Please Don’t Profile My Pit Bull | Continued
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Confusing Borders, Boundaries, and the American Comfort Level

From Ohg Rea Tone: People sometimes drift into my personal space.  I generally enjoy people so my personal space does not extend as far as the reach of my arm.  When I shake hands I am likely to pull the other person close, look them in the eye, and measure their sincerity.  The enigma of […]

26May2010 | | 10 comments | Continued
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The Threat of Fascism in 21st Century America

Fascism – a scary word.  Most of us do not know what fascism means – we just feel certain it has something to do with a bad method of government or of economic systems.  Fascism is a word like Communism or Socialism or Marxism – we don’t feel the need to understand the exact meaning […]

3May2010 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Immigration – A Self Correcting Union

“We the People of the United States of America, in order to form a more perfect union…. ”  The preamble to the Constitution of the United States does not claim perfection – but rather seeks a government format that can progress toward a more perfect union.  The political label ‘progressive’ has been dissed for many […]

28Apr2010 | | Comments Off on Immigration – A Self Correcting Union | Continued
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Latino Food Section At Walmart, As Seen By A Redneck

Down the road in St. Joe, Mo, there is a pig processing plant.  I think they slaughter like 2,000 pigs a day – and it takes a gob of Mexicans to get the job done.  They have about 2,500 workers, about one fourth of which are either Hispanic, Latino, or just plain old Mexican.   Most […]

27Apr2010 | | Comments Off on Latino Food Section At Walmart, As Seen By A Redneck | Continued
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Is Immigrant Synonymous with Criminal?

The solutions to the problem of immigration can only be effective if we understand the phenomenon for what it is. Immigration is a result of human trauma, of human oppression, of human rights violations, and of how people treat their neighbors.

24Apr2010 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Racists and Birthers Are Not Just Dim-Witted Rednecks

In 1776 immigration was unchecked in the American colonies.  The people living here decided to form their own government and bypass the King’s tax man.  Those folks wrote some rules that defined our form of Government and who was eligible to hold office.  The President had to be a natural born citizen – meaning that […]

1Apr2010 | | Comments Off on Racists and Birthers Are Not Just Dim-Witted Rednecks | Continued
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Immigration – Underground Railroad

We are talking about people. Suffering people. oppressed people. Oppressed by poverty, by repressive land owners, by corporate greed, by poor health care, and by an unresponsive government. North, they are told. North to a land of opportunity. A land where they will not be subjected to the fierce drudgery of poverty. They have relatives […]

11Oct2008 | | 11 comments | Continued
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Woody Guthrie Sings About Immigration

I took some minor liberties with the title. Woody Guthrie was singing about immigration – but he was referring to the dust bowl immigrants to California. We forget that time when Americans were denied entrance into another State because of economics. See Also: Where is Woody Guthrie.

17Sep2008 | | Comments Off on Woody Guthrie Sings About Immigration | Continued
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English – a Mandatory Language?

We have a new pork processing plant in our town – we think the Triumph Foods Human Resource office is located in Mexico City. You know how these big corporations are. Our local school system is being challenged to offer a regular old American education to children who cannot speak the language. There is great […]

2Sep2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Limbaugh looks and sounds like Tim Russert

Son, I hearken back a few weeks to a Democratic Debate sponsored by MSNBC.  The moderator was Tim Russert.  As we reflect on substance we can see that Tim Russert has drug MSNBC and NBC down to the level of conservative talk radio.  Russert has climbed to the top of the ‘good old boys’ network […]

2Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Limbaugh looks and sounds like Tim Russert | Continued
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Clinton-Obama, Democratic Debate, 1-31-08

Son, For the first time ever we are watching a woman and an African-American debate for the nomination of their party for President of the United States. Wolf Blitzer has just introduced the candidates. There is a couple of minutes of photo-ops. The stakes are very high – with only five days to the Super […]

1Feb2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Democrats on speaking English as official language

Son, I am happy that these folks take these issues seriously.  Sometimes they sound like they are spinning the issue in their favor –  but I believe that they are not.  They are pointing out the necessary complications of making rash political decisions.  Wolf Blitzer asked the question because he knows it is a hot […]

27Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Democrats on speaking English as official language | Continued
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Bruce Springsteen on Immigration

Son, Bruce Springsteen sings “This Land is Your Land” – a beautiful rendition of the Woody Guthrie classic. This song was written by a frustrated Guthrie in protest about the State by State policy on immigration. See Where is Woody Guthrie. The tragedy of the Dust Bowl swept this great nation during the Depression. People […]

27Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bruce Springsteen on Immigration | Continued
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McCain on Immigration – I like him (video)

Son, I like John McCain. I think he is an honest and practical man. Unfortunately the Republican Party is so irrational that the fringe party base makes it difficult for a man like McCain to win the nomination. I write about immigration from the perspective of humanity rather than economics – and that is how […]

27Jan2008 | | Comments Off on McCain on Immigration – I like him (video) | Continued
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immigration, hate crime, gun control —

Son, The conservatives have lost their bearing.  And I must say that if not for the craziness I would be enjoying myself watching the circus. Here is the conservative philosophy – one which I cannot dispute: Less Government, fewer laws – generally better.  The philosophy goes to a level of foolishness.  Hate crime you say […]

16Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Blunt Immigration – No Drivers Licenses

Son, Governor Matt Blunt of Missouri has taken a pro-bureaucracy, anti-immigration, big Government, do-the-wrong-thing, position to get reelected. This is typical politics. Solving problems means solving the political problem – not making life better for citizens. This mentality is exactly what is wrong with government. And we the people are to blame. We are to […]

16Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Blunt Immigration – No Drivers Licenses | Continued
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Huckabee is a win for John McCain

Son, John McCain is the real winner tonight, this caucus night in Iowa.   Mike Huckabee polled the largest numbers of support- soundly putting Mitt Romney in his appropriate place – way don there somewhere.  But McCain is the real winner because the Republican Party does not want Huckabee. The importance of the Iowa Caucus was […]

4Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Huckabee is a win for John McCain | Continued
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Resolutions 2008 – WWJD

Son, Faith is expounded by all candidates.  Hey – the evangelicals have done a good job in politics.  They have swayed elections.  They have gained power.  They influence the national debate. I just wrote a post on Mike Huckabee.  He is that one guy who is a Christian Minister who is running for President.  I […]

2Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Resolutions 2008 – WWJD | Continued
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Ron Paul – the Physician Metaphor

Son, Ron Paul is a physician, a doctor, a M. D. Some folks think that qualifies him to be President. He is obviously very intelligent and very well educated. I suspect he knows a thing or two about health care issues. His physician experience is as a flight surgeon in the U. S. Air Force […]

29Dec2007 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Media Hosts fail as Celebrities

Son, A tragedy has befallen American Journalism. Cable and satellite feeds have created monster celebrities in the field of journalism. Everyone wants to be Walter Cronkite. The problem is that hey have not earned the stature. Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, Bill O’Reilly, Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, to name a few. These people have […]

25Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Media Hosts fail as Celebrities | Continued
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Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Below is an excerpt from A Toolkit For Christian Education and Action on Comprehensive Immigration Reform, brought to us by our brothers and sisters at Sojourners/Call To Renewal “The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in […]

6Oct2007 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Dead Immigrants

Son, We have become a disgusting society. Reader – prepare yourself for some sarcasm – this struck me as a blatant disregard for human life – read on. The banner headline on MSNBC as we speak is “Unidentified bodies often buried at taxpayer expense.” Heaven Forbid! What have we come to? Doctor Stern (Someone being […]

28Sep2007 | | 5 comments | Continued