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The Individual, Mental Health, and Maturity

Previous posts have explored my personal mental health from both nature and nurture.  Clearly it is difficult to sort out cause and effect.  How might we look at any adult and determine cause of poor behavior?  Individual humans throw a curve ball at stereotypes.  We do not know why two soldiers experiencing the same trauma […]

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Politics – Individual or Team Sport

Way back in about 1970 the folks down the road in St. Joe, Mo, voted to have non-partisan politics for their City Council.  So no one ran for office as a Democrat or a Republican – just interested community citizens.  The idea was that partisanship caused too much bickering.  The people in St. Joe wanted […]

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Surnames are Sacred Cows

In 1986 a friend of mine was named the new Abbot of a Benedictine Monastery. I was proud to just be a friend at the ceremonial induction. The trappings of a basilica, with sunlight filtered through ornate stained glass windows, candles burning with gentle flames, rows of black robed monks walking in cadence to the […]

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The Bird’s Nest – Cradle of the Future? (Video)

China has given the world a demonstration of their claim on the future. The opening ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics are unrivaled – and will remain unrivaled for generations. The grandeur of the Chinese coming out party was a delicate mix of technology and humanity. At the center of the spectacle was “The […]

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