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USA 2016 is Analogous to Iran 1979

This is a bold commentary by someone with limited actual knowledge.  My recall of history says that the invention of the internal combustion engine, followed by Henry Ford’s assembly line and mass production – put the oil rich countries of the Middle East on the map.  My memory says the Saudi family took charge about […]

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The Rat In The Corner – Iran, Health Care, etc.

To paraphrase Henry Kissinger:  Never back a rat in to a corner – he will come out fighting.  Always leave your opponent an escape route – a means by which they can save face.  President Obama recently used a phrase much as this when referring to Iran.  He said something like, “We are trying to […]

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Tehran, Iran, is not Birmingham, Alabama

Riots erupt.  The police respond.  Riot gear is employed with relish.  The authorities are determined to quell the violence – determined to stop the demonstrators.  Unwittingly – it is the authority of government that is the source of the violence.  But Tehran, Iran, is not Birmingham, Alabama. Limited access to actual events on the ground […]

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Redneck Gazette –

Redneck Gazette Fifth Edition Stimulating Economics Stimulating Economics Ohmydidhesayjihad We is having some trouble figuring out what we is hearing.  We got us a new President hoping that he would fix the problems this country is having.  We don’t know nothing about economics.  We only know that we should save more than we spend. We […]

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McCain/Palin – Unstable/Unable

This is the week that was.  John McCain could not have had a harder time.  Every day, and sometimes twice a day, McCain changed his position and philosophy on the economy.  At times he sounded like he might be in early stages of oldtimers disease. John McCain, that once bold and brave warrior, has been […]

21Sep2008 | | 5 comments | Continued
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The Scary Theocracy of Huckabee

Son, When I was listening to Mike Huckabee talk about the United State Constitution I was was reminded of the Ayatollah in Iran. The government should be run by the dominant faith of the country. Follower of Jesus or not – the idea of Theocracy is really scary. Huckabee wants to mold the United States […]

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as we inch closer with Iran

Dad, I am one of the many with grave concerns about the direction that our country is headed with respect to Iran and our broader foreign policy. In the midst of our election frenzy, the idea that America is and always has been a Christian nation continues to shape the discussion. I am not convinced […]

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The politics of admitting mistakes

Son, Several candidates for President have long histories.  Many of them have run for other offices like Senator, or Governor, or Mayor.  In the process of seeking those offices they necessarily catered to the limited population of their respective ambitions.  Romney and Giuliani were pro-choice.  Giuliani has been married three times.  Huckabee raised taxes.  Clinton […]

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Bush, bewildering logic

Son, President Bush is live on TV as I write.  “Iran was dangerous. Iran is dangerous. Iran will be dangerous if they have the ability to have nukular weapons.  Who is to say that they don’t have a covert operation to have a nukular program”  This in response to a new finding by the National […]

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Bush – acclimated to WAR!

Son, President Bush is scaring me. He had a news conference today and he said, “If you are interested in preventing World War III then you should be interested in Iran not having nuclear weapons.” He has said, “We’ve got a leader in Iran that says he wants to destroy Israel.” Is a threat against […]

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