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Searching for Honesty and Integrity in Nationally Known Politicians

Sometimes I just write satire, or just sarcasm.   The folly of national politics seems somehow unworthy of serious commentary.  But however foolish the politicians seem – the business of our government is serious.  Real people are directly and immediately impacted by political decisions.  Real wars are fought.  Real soldiers die.  Real debt is incurred.   Generations […]

16Aug2010 | | 2 comments | Continued
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A Soldier’s Funeral, A Sour War

We Americans should never forget the cost of War. And the death of a soldier warrants more than an incremental ticker on Page Two B

22Jul2010 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Of Wars and Politics – Patraeus and Obama

War is a mystic business.   Mystic because there seems some supernatural quality required for agreement on strategy.  September 11, 2001, defined a moment – a moment of political cohesion.  Pearl Harbor served that role in WWII.  The Lusitania was the protagonist in WWI.  The battleship Maine served the focal point of the Spanish American War […]

7Jul2010 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Regaining Respect for the Office of the Presidency.

We, in this country, have a proud history of respect for the office of the President. We rally around those who inspire us and lead us through troubled times. We have worked to separate the man from the office, and we have been successful in the past. There have always been jokes about the President, and comedians are supposed to push the envelope, to go where you don’t expect them to go. Something has changed, however, in the last decade. Where there was once reverence for the office and a certain degree of respect for the man in the White House, there is now complacency about the treatment of the Presidency. In previous generations, bad jokes about the President would have been met with a frown or, at best, a nervous chuckle. But today, the Presidency is the bread and butter of late night routines and gets only slightly better treatment in the mainstream media.

18Apr2010 | | 3 comments | Continued
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The Humble Process of a Confident Barack Obama

President Obama is a confident man, a humble man who does not always have to be right. President Obama easily accepts the input of others – he seeks the input of others.

23Dec2009 | | Comments Off on The Humble Process of a Confident Barack Obama | Continued
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Cheney Is Afraid Of The Rule Of Law

Dick Cheney is speaking this morning, again.  But this time he is not being interviewed – he is giving a prepared speech.  His words are designed to discredit the President of the United States – something he abhorred when his President was in office.  Cheney continues to manipulate information to suit his needs – we […]

21May2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Liberal Blog Proud of President Obama

We are proud of our President.  And we are considered by the radical right to be far left liberals.  But President Obama has thrown some change-up shots across home plate.  We used to say, “Never throw a change-up to a weak hitter.”   The weak hitters are swinging like lunatics at some of President Obama’s policy […]

15May2009 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Obama’s War – Afghanistan

At what point does President Obama assume responsibility for a war?  Is accepting responsibility for the war the same thing as owning the war?  When does any President ‘own’ a war?  This is a curious talking point for the 24/7 news media.  Historically, we generally do not tag our Presidents as owners of wars that […]

28Mar2009 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Iraq – Oil and Terrorism

In January of 1991 GHW Bush launched an offensive to push Saddam’s army back to Iraq out of Kuwait. After driving Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, Bush, Cheney and his advisors decided to end the push. Others pressed Bush to continue into Baghdad and topple the Iraqi government. However, Bush and Cheney knew the end […]

21Feb2009 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Non Combat Troops – An Oxy Moron

We should take all ‘non-combat troops’ out of Iraq. That is one of the compromises proposed as a resolution to the conflict in Iraq. The suggestion is that American troops will not be dying in Iraq. That sounds pretty good to most of us. But is there such a thing as ‘non-combat troops?”

8Feb2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Bush and Cheney are WMD’s

George W. Bush, mixed with equal amounts of Dick Cheney, produces Weapons of Mass Destruction. These two men, more than Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden, have themselves destroyed mass numbers of humans. And about 5,000 of the dead are American service men. We can not even begin to count the number of innocent Iraqi’s killed in a war of vengeance.

The lethal combination of Bush and Cheney needed only a spark of inflamation. The entire Republican Party has bought into this mixture of vengeance and lusts after another opportunity to mix their potions of destruction.

16Dec2008 | | Comments Off on Bush and Cheney are WMD’s | Continued
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Respecting Our President

“The King is dead. Long live the King.” The man is dead, the office lives on. Separating the man from the office is a constant struggle in troubling times. President George W. Bush has had a troubling eight years as our Chief Executive. Many of us did not agree with his decisions – and that is putting it mildly.

15Dec2008 | | 6 comments | Continued
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“Give’em Hell Barry”

In 1948 Harry Truman was desperate to win the White House.  He had been president for over three years – but he ascended to the throne via the death of Franklin Roosevelt.  Truman was not popular.  The Republican Thomas Dewey led in the polls and in monetary donations.  The pollsters stopped polling two weeks before […]

17Oct2008 | | Comments Off on “Give’em Hell Barry” | Continued
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McCain Likes A Surge – He Should Try One

John McCain’s Camp is being raided by insurgents.  His allies have gone home to take care of their own business.  The terror of liberalism is reconstituting in the Red States.  Border skirmishes are being lost to the ground game of the Obama Camp.   McCain needs to call his buddy General David Patraeus. General Patraeus is […]

17Oct2008 | | Comments Off on McCain Likes A Surge – He Should Try One | Continued
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The Marines in Iraq

What is it about Marines that make them so special?  When called upon to serve they do not ask why – they merely pack their bags and go.  They do what is asked of them.  They believe in their hearts that their missions are honorable – that they are in the service of America. How […]

9Oct2008 | | Comments Off on The Marines in Iraq | Continued
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When We Oppose An American War

What happens when we the people do not agree with a war our government has engaged? We have seen this before, we are seeing it happen now – and we will probably see it again in the future. Are there boundaries of protest? Are there definitions of war that all of us can agree on?

This writer has been as perplexed as anyone on the issue of Iraq. We Americans were united in our determination to punish the people who attacked our country on September 11, 2001. In less than two months Afghanistan was on fire, the Taliban scurrying for cover, and Al Quaeda running for the hills of Tora Bora. All of us cheered the success of our military.

This writer is a child of the 1960’s, we turned 18 during the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. America was losing 300 soldiers each week in this restricted police action. There was no end in sight and the country united against the war.

8Oct2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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McCain-An American Patriot

There is a lot of talk about Senator McCain being nothing more than a bitter, nasty, war mongering, blood thirsty, terrorist of a man. Oh and he is a POW. My friends, have you forgotten how angry America was when the towers were bombed? Maybe those directly affected remember, but not the general public. People […]

8Oct2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Stubborn McCain Champions War

John McCain owns the Republican Party – at least for the next two months.  He owns the Republican National Convention.  He owns the message being presented by every speaker and every video.  The stubbornness of John McCain is evident in the message presented.  McCain’s life bookends are all about War.  His adult life is framed […]

4Oct2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The Perfect Economic Storm, With No Captain – video

The Perfect Storm.  That moment when unique weather patterns come together to create the absolute most havoc.  Bush and McCain and their Republican cronies have created that moment in our economy. The storm began with letting up on banking regulations.  Then they deregulated investment banks. The idea was that home prices would continue to climb […]

30Sep2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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McCain, a Compulsive Gambler (Song Video)

John McCain is going to Las Vegas, would you give him $100 to gamble on your behalf?  There is gambling, and then there is compulsive gambling – very different modes of entertainment.  John McCain is a compulsive gambler, the champion of the religious right. Compulsive gambling is destroying America.  Down the road in St. Joe […]

30Sep2008 | | Comments Off on McCain, a Compulsive Gambler (Song Video) | Continued
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Was McCain Right About Iraq?

John McCain has been wrong on social justice, on business regulations, and on tax breaks for Big Oil.  But probably the most egregious error has been on foreign policy, on military action, and most specifically on Iraq.  It could be more tolerable if McCain had not taken his eye off the prize – the capture […]

27Sep2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Redneck War Debate

We called the television station down the road in St. Joe to ask about the debate.  We wanted to know what they was gonna ask those fellas, McCain and Obama.  They tode us that they is not asking any questions.  Someone in one of the big cities gets to ask the questions.  Well, we had […]

26Sep2008 | | Comments Off on Redneck War Debate | Continued
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The Iraq Surge Has Not Worked!

On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked America.  America launched a military assault – The Mission – find and either kill or capture the murderous terrorists. But the George Bush administration did a shell game with the American people, distracting everyone from the defined mission.  As a result – The terrorist leaders have not been punished. […]

22Sep2008 | | Comments Off on The Iraq Surge Has Not Worked! | Continued
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Wall Street Terrorizes America

Osama Bin Laden, who remains free, launched four planes at American’s financial and military structure on September 11, 2001.  Bush reacted and has weakened our military.  The Republicans reacted and eliminated regulations on Mortgage Banks and Investment Banks.  Then the American Terrorists took over. The Stock Market has dropped more this week than at any […]

18Sep2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The Bush Doctrine

Doctrine: ‘a principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge or system of beliefs’ – from the Merriam Webster Dictionary. When we think of Government we think of the Wilson Doctrine or the Monroe Doctrine or the Truman Doctrine – the fundamental belief systems that guide decision making.  We have […]

13Sep2008 | | Comments Off on The Bush Doctrine | Continued
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Preconditions for War

War is serious business.  We in America should probably know that by now, and most of us do.  The decision to go to war should not be taken lightly, and should not be taken without some base understanding.  Some base understanding of what it is we are getting in to, and why and how would […]

10Sep2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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A Soldier’s Story

This video is the story of one soldier.  The fourth Medal of Honor recipient of the last six years.  This is the stuff of legend – regardless of the political interpretations of war – the soldiers go to war when asked, they do not question or balk.  This is one more reason the civilian Commander […]

3Sep2008 | | Comments Off on A Soldier’s Story | Continued
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Regarding Attacks on Sarah Palin

Only four days have passed since John McCain announced Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.  Her relative anonymity has worked for and against McCain’s campaign.  With virtually no public track record she has no record to attack.  On the other hand, when there is a vacuum of knowledge rumors and nonsense will fill the […]

2Sep2008 | | Comments Off on Regarding Attacks on Sarah Palin | Continued
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Joe Biden DNC Speech Text & Video, 8-27-2008

Joe Biden was emotionally introduced by his son Beau. Beau is the Attorney General of the State of Deleware. He is also a Captain in the Army Guard – in a unit that is being activated for duty in Iraq. Beau Biden is on his way to Iraq. Here is the Biden speech: I love […]

28Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Joe Biden DNC Speech Text & Video, 8-27-2008 | Continued
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Eve of Destruction

Growing old does not mean growing smart.  People like to say, “It took me a long time to realize that my parents were right.”  The suggestion is older people are always smarter – always right.  That has not been my experience. I am one who is considered ‘older.’  Some think I am pretty smart – […]

8Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Eve of Destruction | Continued
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Where have all the flowers gone (Video)

We in America find ourselves engaged in another war – a war contrived by a self serving White House. Illegitimate intelligence on an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam provided the impetus for the President to justify expanding our military presence in Southeast Asia. The same song is being sung by our current […]

8Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Where have all the flowers gone (Video) | Continued
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John Cusack – Serendipity of War

Well now, John Cusack is up in arms. Cusack is that actor who used to make the chic flicks that even the men enjoyed watching. My favorite is ‘Serendipity.” But I like his latest work also. Check this out: My first take was wondering what had gotten into John Cusack. I had never seen him […]

13Jun2008 | | Comments Off on John Cusack – Serendipity of War | Continued
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Does President Bush Drink?

I don’t know what to think.  This video is on youtube.  Has it been doctored?  Slowed down?  Check for yourself:

15Apr2008 | | Comments Off on Does President Bush Drink? | Continued
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Iraq in Context – April 8, 2008

I am listening at this moment to the Senate hearings featuring testimony by General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker.  These are impressive men who are in a tough spot.  They believe in their mission.  They testify that their work is not only effective but also necessary to improving American security.  But this: Even if what they […]

8Apr2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Obama’s Big Oil Ad

I only took two courses in Economics in college – so I am no authority. But my 9 year old grandson understands the value of a nickel, some economic concepts are just plain old common sense. Barack Obama has a new television advertisement challenging the profits of Big Oil. My notion is that the advertisement […]

29Mar2008 | | Comments Off on Obama’s Big Oil Ad | Continued
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Declaration of Independence – 2008

Declaration of Independence 2008 (All comments in italics are direct quotes from the United States Declaration of Independence penned in 1776) “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the […]

4Mar2008 | | 5 comments | Continued
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The Personal Presidency of George W. Bush

Son, The history of leadership is couched in government structure.  Monarchy, Parliamentary,  Republic, Dictator, or pure totalitarianism.  Our country, The United States of America is a Republic – ruled by law.  Laws are constructed by a Congress that answers to the people.  Thus the idea that the people rule the country.  George W. Bush has […]

28Feb2008 | | Comments Off on The Personal Presidency of George W. Bush | Continued
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McCain’s 100 year war

Son, John McCain has said, probably regretfully, that we may have to have troops in Iraq for a hundred years. He was at a town hall meeting today and tried to clarify his comments. McCain reminds us that we have had troops in Germany and Japan for over sixty years, and in Korea for over […]

26Feb2008 | | Comments Off on McCain’s 100 year war | Continued
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Clinton, Obama Debate in Austin 2-21-08

This will be a running commentary: Beginning at 7:00 PM CST. The debate is on with Hillary Clinton making the first opening remarks. Senator Clinton does not have Obama’s speaking style – but she always strikes me as charming and sincere. Senator Clinton put on a face of confidence. Senator Obama chose to speak second, […]

22Feb2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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John McCain waffles on issues

Son, Over time every politician has to address his past record.  Sometimes they become ‘enlightened’ along the way and change positions.  This is not a problem.  As issues become more clear – as we sift through the nuances of complex ideologies – sometime we realize that we need to shift our position.  Unfortunately, some shift […]

9Feb2008 | | Comments Off on John McCain waffles on issues | Continued
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Michael Moore, Larry King, and Hillary

Son, Michael Moore continues to contribute to the dialogue in this country.  He was on Larry King Live and took calls from the public. He claims that he will not vote for Hillary because of the Iraq War.  Moore has fundamental morals that guides his thought processes. He is enlightening, compelling, and entertaining. Dad

8Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Michael Moore, Larry King, and Hillary | Continued
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Republican Debate, 1-29-08

Son, The Republican debate is on CNN tonight. It is being hosted by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. John McCain, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Mike Huckabee are participating. I missed a few minutes because of a black tie affair that I could not get out of. The question is what about 100 year involvement […]

31Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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John McCain on Iraq Strategy – Meet The Press

Son, I am in no way an advocate of the war in Iraq. With that said our country is engaged in a War. A war whose outcome has serious consequence for America. John McCain is a man who understands war. Mr. McCain is not a war monger. He is not a cruel man. Mr. McCain […]

29Jan2008 | | Comments Off on John McCain on Iraq Strategy – Meet The Press | Continued
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A Sense of Hope, A Sense of Destiny…. Kennedy

Son, Inspiring events are happening in America. Civil Rights, Social Justice, workers, disabled, education, voters rights, quality Health Care, Senator Edward Kennedy. There is a movement afoot, and the Republicans will not be able to stop it. Senator Kennedy is endorsing Mr. Obama as I write and I can barely keep up. “…Courage, insight, bold […]

29Jan2008 | | Comments Off on A Sense of Hope, A Sense of Destiny…. Kennedy | Continued
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State of the Union, State of Denial

Son, The speech writers have their challenge. Tonight’s State of the Union by President George W. Bush will be his last. He is worried about his legacy – and this is an opportunity to set the historical stage. The State of the Union has become the mantle for the President to sway public opinion. So […]

28Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Foreign Policy – Ron Paul is almost right

Son, I am scaring myself. I listen to Ron Paul and find merit in some of what he says. The problem with Ron Paul rests with frequent leaps of logic. He is one of those conspiracy theory folks who sees ghosts in every corner. The problem is there is occasionally a ghost and no one […]

25Jan2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Bush ‘idiot’ video – is or is not

Son, Is linguistic skill the qualifier for intellect? Does one have to speak well to be considered intelligent? Does George Bush fail at speech, or does the problem run deeper? Joe Scarborough hosted a worthy discussion on the intelligence of President Bush. Dad

22Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bush ‘idiot’ video – is or is not | Continued
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U.S. Economy or Iraq Economy – Bush choses Iraq

Son, Our economy is at the worst state in twenty years.  The candidates for president and the folks in Congress are talking about what to do. How contemptible!  What have they been thinking about?  How much money are we spending in Iraq?  And how might that money might be used to save the U.S. Economy? […]

22Jan2008 | | Comments Off on U.S. Economy or Iraq Economy – Bush choses Iraq | Continued
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Optimism, realism, and leadership

Son, Martin Luther King, Jr. has returned to the news. A Christian Minister who actively used his ministry to engage social issues and the government – he dreamed about a future of peace and prosperity. His resonating dream was inspirational and people followed. Was that a fluke of history, or is that a standard that […]

15Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Optimism, realism, and leadership | Continued
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Faith, Obedience, and Mercy – in Iraq

Son, President George W. Bush is not God. I am not Abraham, and the children of America are not to be thoughtlessly sacrificed on a mountain in the Middle East. Faith, obedience, and mercy are noble virtues. But are there no boundaries? Bob Dylan said it well: “God said to Abraham, go kill me a […]

11Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Faith, Obedience, and Mercy – in Iraq | Continued