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Curiosity is Not Alone in Killing the Cat

A curiosity moment led me to wonder, “Just what are the most probable causes of the Apocalypse and if any, the percentages of certainty?” I found many articles and many opinions on the subject and very little speculation or mathematics on how to rate each catastrophe with a percentage of ‘Most Likely’ to happen. What […]

12Oct2017 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Ben Carson Humor – 2015

Ben Carson is that neuro guy – which seems to be an enigma given his loose tongue.  No matter – there are some really creative people running around with high tech opportunities to mix humor, politics, and technology. Enjoy:  

9Nov2015 | | Comments Off on Ben Carson Humor – 2015 | Continued
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Jesus For Dummies

Christianity has spread around the globe – or at least some version of  Christianity.  The question is:  What is the correct truth?  or perhaps:  Is there a definitive truth? or:  Is truth personal? A little background might help.  For the purpose of limiting our discussion to Christianity we will start around 1500 C.E.  There was […]

14Aug2013 | | Comments Off on Jesus For Dummies | Continued
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Crude Jesus, Christmas, Church Jokes

JESUS: Jesus walks into a hotel.  He hands the room clerk three nails and says, “Can you put me up for the night? I don’t care who you are, get back in the boat and help us row. I don’t care who you are, drop that cross one more time and you are out of […]

23Jun2013 | | Comments Off on Crude Jesus, Christmas, Church Jokes | Continued
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Jesus in Pencil

Art – That element of human communications dubiously defined by subjection.  Kitch – that which we all know is scorned by people who identify themselves as artists – that is how we know it is kitch. Jesus – That man who changed the world.  Apparently a historical figure, the likeness of Jesus has been debated […]

18Jun2013 | | Comments Off on Jesus in Pencil | Continued
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Demons – Jesus and Jung

Another question to the Jungian psychologist – Jesus cast out demons, how does this relate to Jung?  How  might these demons be the same or different? My friend is a Jungian psychotherapist – He and I read much of the same material – but he is way ahead of me on Jung – so I […]

27Feb2013 | | Comments Off on Demons – Jesus and Jung | Continued
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Theology and Boundaries

When we step on the wet leaves of spirituality we risk slipping and falling.  The fall can be disastrous.  We might whack our heads and wake up with all sorts of belief systems that cannot be scientifically proved. Consider this:  Some believe in a virgin birth.  Some believe in bodily resurrection.  Some believe there was […]

30Oct2012 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Learning About Jesus in Chemistry Class

I am a slow learner.  I graduated from college when I was 46 years old.  Education was not a value of my family system; education was seen as job training.  This seems to be a predominant ideal in America.  And to reinforce the idea – it is nice to have a job that one enjoys.  […]

7May2010 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Good Children Vs Insurrectionists

My husband and I were discussing our children the other day and how they behave or not during church.  Our 18-month-old prefers to wander the pews rather than sit quietly on my lap, and when the nursery is closed, it can be quite difficult to “make her behave.”  First of all, let me comment on […]

26Apr2010 | | Comments Off on Good Children Vs Insurrectionists | Continued
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The Romantic Tax Protest – Where Is Zorro When You Need Him

The romantic hero, the person who fights the establishment, the archetype who defends the poor, who fights the tax collector, steals from the rich to give to the poor – Where is Zorro when you need him?  Where are Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, and Jesus – all great heroes who challenged the established norm?  […]

14Apr2010 | | Comments Off on The Romantic Tax Protest – Where Is Zorro When You Need Him | Continued
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The Church, Social Justice, And Hiding A Scandal

Does the Christian faith promote ‘social justice?’  The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church (is there another Pope?) verbally promotes social justice.  Liberation Theology found it’s roots in the Catholic Church.  Glen Beck made an issue out of the term ‘social justice’ when he suggested that it means socialism, communism, Nazism, Obamaism, and Liberalism.  Beck […]

3Apr2010 | | Comments Off on The Church, Social Justice, And Hiding A Scandal | Continued
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Mormon Scientologists for Jehovah on the 7th Day

Help me out here. In literature we distinguish fantasy from Science Fiction. The distinguishing variable – is it plausible. Do the premises set forth in the story violate basic principles of physics? Like a two ton dragon flying with a ten foot wing span – probably fantasy. A space ship flying across the galaxies in […]

29May2009 | | 21 comments | Continued
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The Stormy Marriage of Jesus

Arranged marriages are common in some cultures.  And why not?  We adults know what is best for our children.  We tell ourselves we are only being responsible when arranging their life.  The practice is highlighted in books and movies.  Perhaps the best known, or perhaps most entertaining, is “Fiddler on the Roof.”  After all, traditions […]

18Apr2009 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Fact, Fiction, Science, and the Story of God

Understanding science and the way that we interact with our world is valuable information, and speculating on the specifics of the stories if the Bible are valuable to a deeper understanding of their significance. We have to admit, however, that there will always be an element that we cannot explain, and that we have a choice every day whether or not we accept that unexplained part as the mystery and power of the story, or shrug it off as a delusion of the minds of men.

9Apr2009 | | Comments Off on Fact, Fiction, Science, and the Story of God | Continued
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Picking on Catholicism

During my quest of becoming a better disciple of Christ, I thought it only fair to try and understand some other beliefs. I understand that the bible can be left open to interpretation to whom ever reads it. And to some degree must be evaluated to different times. But evaluation should not lead to amendments. […]

28Mar2009 | | 7 comments | Continued
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Pondering Faith

I have always considered myself a Christian. Once I even thought I had a vocation. So I attempted to start online classes through a Christian University. I made it through one class which was the study of the Old Testament. What I found out, was it requires a lot of work. Anyone who has read […]

14Mar2009 | | Comments Off on Pondering Faith | Continued
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A United Methodist Perspective

I am a United Methodist. My wife and I joined a United Methodist church in Sugar Land, Texas before moving to Nashville, TN, and when we moved to Iowa, we transferred our membership to a church that was just down the street from our house. We went through the ceremony for becoming a member of […]

16Feb2009 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Jesus: Radical Rabbi or Practical Mystic?

There is a lot of talk these days about being “spiritual” but not being “religious.” We often hear, “I see myself as a spiritual person, but not as a religious person.” This is the mantra of the children of the counter cultural movement of alternative spirituality. It is so much the mantra of a movement that it is no longer counter cultural, but represents the mainstream American thought process.

19Jan2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Freegan Insurrection

My wife and I have been attempting to evaluate our lifestyle for some time now, hoping to live out our values as followers of Jesus and to create a sense of equity in our lives with the less fortunate. We have taken up recycling and composting, selling off our excess and getting back to the […]

12Dec2008 | | Comments Off on The Freegan Insurrection | Continued
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Thoughts on Misunderstanding Charity

The holiday season is upon us, and everyone is geared up for the giving season. I think that a conversation on the merits of charity is essential at this stage of the game. I read an article on Trying To Follow a while back about clothing drives. It has some great fodder for conversation. In […]

12Dec2008 | | Comments Off on Thoughts on Misunderstanding Charity | Continued
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Do What You Do On Purpose

‘I have talked and written at length in articles for this magazine about the lifestyle choices that my wife and I have made for our family, but I feel it would be appropriate to spend some time on why we make those choices.  Having a purpose in your decision is as important as the decision […]

10Dec2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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A Gay Jesus and Catholic Art

“Corpus Christi” is a play written by an Irish Catholic named Terrence McNally, first performed on Broadway in 1998 and revived for two weeks in October. It is a controversial interpretation of the life and work of Jesus Christ, so it can be considered a part of the crazy-quilt reality of living as a Catholic […]

4Dec2008 | | Comments Off on A Gay Jesus and Catholic Art | Continued
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Stealing Jesus – The 2008 Elections

Quoting from the book Stealing Jesus” by Bruce Bawer: “The simple word religion lends dignity to prejudice, muffles opposition and obliges the media to tread carefully. Not only politicians but journalists, too, are less likely to criticize frankly the attitudes of individuals or groups when they identify themselves as Christian and attribute their attitudes to […]

16Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Stealing Jesus – The 2008 Elections | Continued
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Conservatives of 2008 – Raping and Pillaging

Something is way out of whack in the logic of the Conservatives of 2008. The logic is guilt or honor by association. The logic goes something like this: “I believe in Jesus and I believe we should drill for more oil in our backyard.” Thus given that Jesus is a solid belief it follows that […]

2Oct2008 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Learning by example – the example of Jesus

Son, Your entry into the Christian Ministry has been a source of great pride and joy for me. Even given that you choose a wacky upstart like the United Methodist, or whatever you call it. There is a mild attempt at humor in the last sentence – but as with other effective editorial humor we […]

4Jun2008 | | Comments Off on Learning by example – the example of Jesus | Continued
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Bible Questions

Son, I found an old news paper advertisement for a non-denominational church. The paper is yellowed with age and I suspect it is many years old. The advertisement listed 14 ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. The purpose of the advertisement was to generate interest in the particular church. Their method was to show their theological teachings […]

13Mar2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Jesus, Lindsay Lohan, and Family

Son, When did Christianity go crazy? History suggests it was about twenty minutes after Jesus returned to heaven. The flirtation with sanity continues, but a reluctant populace defies the message. Reluctant in many ways. “I’ll give you my problems Jesus, but first we have to properly prepare them. Problems are things we have to work […]

19Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Jesus, Lindsay Lohan, and Family | Continued
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Making Fun of Christians – or just making fun?

Son, Humor is the essence of sanity. Check out these videos. Humor has been my salvation, relieving me of the insane conflict of being a human – aware of myself and others – and aware of faith as both inspiration and superstition. Christian jokes abound – fueling awareness of human conflict. But what is humor […]

8Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Making Fun of Christians – or just making fun? | Continued
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Evangelicals, Legions of Christ?

Son, The evangelicals of America present themselves as the legions of Christ, marching as to war. Ready to sacrifice for their Lord and Savior. Well, who are evangelicals? Some say the are THE witness for Jehovah. Some say they are Saints of the Latter Days. Others claim they immerse themselves in the water of baptism […]

6Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Evangelicals, Legions of Christ? | Continued
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Obama, the left, and recovering Jesus

Dad, I can remember talking with my roommates about Barack Obama. They are all men of faith that I respect, and they were all impressed with him. Then I saw him on the cover of Sojourner’s magazine. Then I heard a speech from him about serving the poor and oppressed in our society. There has […]

5Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Obama, the left, and recovering Jesus | Continued
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The Super Bowl, PGA, and Prosperity Gospel

Son, If we use the measuring stick of Joel Osteen, that Prophet of Prosperity, we could reasonably surmise that the NFL is sanctioned by Jesus Christ himself.  God sits at the 50 yard line.  The Apostle Paul has season tickets.  The Super Bowl is prospering, and Phoenix is the Promised Land. There is not much […]

29Jan2008 | | Comments Off on The Super Bowl, PGA, and Prosperity Gospel | Continued
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What Would Jesus Buy?

Dad, Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary, “What would Jesus Buy?” on Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping. Jim Wallis, one of my heroes in the faith, was in the film. I have been following Reverend Billy through his highlights in Sojourner’s magazine, and I have to say, […]

28Jan2008 | | Comments Off on What Would Jesus Buy? | Continued
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Supply Side Jesus

Dad, The conversation around here has been meandering through politics, economics, and religion. I thought I might dig into my YouTube favorites for a nice video that could begin to tie it all together for us. Low and behold, I dug up this gem from Al Franken: Thanks, Al. I needed that. Bryan.

28Jan2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Another video on Prosperity Gospel

Son, I appreciate your struggle with the variety of means that Jesus is presented.  These are confusing times.  People who have become successful in America are conflicted – the traditional message of suffering no longer fits their lifestyle.  The ministers of the Prosperity Gospel seek to find an audience among the wealthy – why do […]

27Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Another video on Prosperity Gospel | Continued
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Make Money, For Christ’s Sake

Dad, We have written much here about faith and action, lifestyle and religion. I want to revisit the conversation about the Prosperity Gospel. I spent much of my formative years rolling my eyes at the public face of Christianity. The public face of religion in general, as a matter of fact. In the last five […]

26Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Make Money, For Christ’s Sake | Continued
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following Jesus and the political process

Dad, Our discussion about Matthew 25 and politicians brings up a dillemma that I have wrestled with for some time. Should a follower of Jesus run for political office? Certainly, there is merit in being involved in the poklitical process and instigating change is a big job, but the teachings of Jesus are specifically about […]

19Jan2008 | | Comments Off on following Jesus and the political process | Continued
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5 traits of a healthy faith

Dad, We have conversations about faith, religions, ad Jesus a lot in this magazine. I thought it might be helpful to look at some of the factors that define healthy faith journeys and get some feedback on what that might look like. In short, here are 5 things that I think represent a healthy faith: […]

18Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Honeymoon with Jesus

Son, New found love. The blessings of hope for the future. The excitement of finally finding our place in life. We court, we commit, we honeymoon, we love and laugh, then we have to come home and live in the world. We have to make the relationship work. The everyday troubles of relationships, when things […]

18Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Honeymoon with Jesus | Continued
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as we inch closer with Iran

Dad, I am one of the many with grave concerns about the direction that our country is headed with respect to Iran and our broader foreign policy. In the midst of our election frenzy, the idea that America is and always has been a Christian nation continues to shape the discussion. I am not convinced […]

11Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Mormon Bible – and Mitt Romney

Son, Mitt Romney has said that he will ‘put his hand on the Bible” and take the oath of office. My question is simple, which Bible is he going to put his hand on? I think it is a fair question – he is taking an oath to defend you and me, your children and […]

7Dec2007 | | 6 comments | Continued
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Creativity, Spirituality, and the Golden Compass

Dad, I believe that creativity is a natural result of spirituality. The two are intrinsically linked, and you can’t have one without the other. The creative process, though, much like lifestyle choices or world views and paradigms, is a result of a lifetime of experiences and degrees of nurturing. Everyone has a different life experience, […]

28Nov2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Step 9 – Justice

Son, Step Nine of Twelve is very clear. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. We are talking about Justice. Justice is not easy. This concept seems reasonable and most of us believe that we are fair and honorable people. But many of us […]

23Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Step 9 – Justice | Continued
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Freegans and Hippies: Counter Culture Movements

Son, I read your post on Freegans with great interest.  The interest of a father and grandfather, and the interest of one who was once called a hippie. Back in my hippie days many of us thought of ourselves as the first great generation to “change the way we think about our culture,” to quote […]

19Nov2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Hyperbolic Jesus

Dad, I have been described, with flattery and contempt, as inflammatory and as one who lends himself to exaggeration. I have never given this much credence, because I know that the only thing I know for a fact is that I know almost no facts. In college I made great marks from listening to lectures […]

13Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Hyperbolic Jesus | Continued
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Responding to Christians

Son, Lay off the Betty Bowers web site – your judgment is beginning to drift. Just kidding. I am extremely pleased with you. I am pleased with your ability with the written word and with your willingness to tackle tough issues. I fear that your interpretation of my post was based more on how you […]

27Sep2007 | | Comments Off on Responding to Christians | Continued
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Jesus denies authoritarian rule…

Dad In the book “Pillars of the Earth,” Ken Follet tells the story of a monk, Prior Phillip, and his attempt to create a respectable village amidst the anarchy of the civil war between King Steven and Empress Matilda. There is a minor character who is a monk that betrays Philip to aid the authoritarian […]

25Sep2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Faith and Grief and Jesus

Son, What is the inspiration that compels the contemporary ‘followers of Jesus?’ My simple mind can only assume that if a person acts on love, forgiveness, and kindness – then I can assume that person is a follower of the Jesus that I understand is described in that one Book. (Note here – I do […]

30Aug2007 | | Comments Off on Faith and Grief and Jesus | Continued
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Finding Faith in Mystery

I was producing and publishing my first podcast this week, so I’ve been a little behind. On the topic of Marcus Aurelius, I noticed that you stated ” A quick look at news headlines today might suggest that divine intervention has actually corrupted the morality of civilization.” I think that the idea of divine intervention, […]

30Aug2007 | | Comments Off on Finding Faith in Mystery | Continued