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The Ressurection of Ohg Rea Tone

Ohg Tone and I have been friends for forty years.  I first remember him when my oldest daughter was two years old.  Ohg showed up and brought sarcastic humor into my family.  As crude as he is – there is always a spark of humor.  Ohg became a writer for thefiresidepost.com in 2007.  After five […]

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Glen Beck is the Disease in America

Glen Beck has topped himself. He somehow has managed to equate evolution with progressive politics. His comparison of revolution to evolution is totally insane – but the real fear is the platform given to him by the ‘conservative movement’ in America. These folks think they are carrying out Ronald Reagan’s vision – but Ronald Reagan […]

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Bread or Circus Journalism

Bread sustains our lives, while circus entertains.  We stand at the precipice of change in journalism – debating the choices of bread or circus.  There have not yet been any Pulitzer Prices awarded for blogging – and this writer does not see this happening in the near future.  Pulitizer Prizes in journalism are reserved for […]

7Jan2009 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Tabloid Voyeurism Sells

We are not talking about the National Enquirer here folks.  We are talking about Cable News, Network News, Print Newspapers, Print Magazines, and of course the internet boom in journalistic voyeurism.  We just gave an example  – the use of the term ‘journalistic voyeurism’ is much more interesting than say, ‘Journalistic practice.’ The Fireside Post […]

10Dec2008 | | Comments Off on Tabloid Voyeurism Sells | Continued
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The Internet: From Organized Reporting to Organic Journalism

On the internet, articles are typically written and distributed by persons rather than organizations, Organizations tend to be intimately involved with issues, where people tend to be intimately involved with other people. Some think that this devalues the articles or the authors online, but one cannot deny that internet material is typically apologetically about the […]

6Dec2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Ethics In Journalism – Be Accountable

Blogging is unique in the world of Journalism.  Blogging is working on the edge of the cliff.  The Fireside Post began as a blog and evolved into an internet magazine.  We have kept some qualities of the ‘blogs’ that we deemed worthy.  Most notably in the area of accountability. We are accountable to our readers.  […]

6Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Ethics In Journalism – Be Accountable | Continued
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Ethics In Journalism – Minimize Harm

Journalism on the internet has corrupted the world of reporting.  The Fireside Post is an opinion magazine, with our bias clearly stated in “Who Are These Guys.”  Even admitting we are about opinion does not excuse us from having some ethical boundaries.  This is the second post in a series examining journalistic ethics. We will […]

5Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Ethics In Journalism – Minimize Harm | Continued
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Ethics in Journalism – Seek Truth

The internet has thrown the world of journalism off balance.  The reality today is that anyone can be their own publisher and editor.  The Society of Professional Journalists have a code of ethics.  These ethics are the definition of right and wrong in reporting news. The Fireside Post is doing a series on ethics in […]

5Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Ethics in Journalism – Seek Truth | Continued
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Subliminal Bush

In a previous post here on The Fireside, we mentioned the press conference with the President where he discussed WWIII in the context of Iran. I thought it might be beneficial to see the clip for ourselves: “I take the threat of Iran with a nuclear weapon very seriously.” I guess that would account for […]

26Sep2008 | | 6 comments | Continued
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The Internet Big Bang

The universe of modern media has been knocked off course, perhaps even blown to pieces.  The order of the media universe has been disrupted a few times by technology.  The printing press, radio, and television, and then cable television revolutionized means of communication.  The common denominator that has not changed is in top down construction […]

2Sep2008 | | Comments Off on The Internet Big Bang | Continued
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Tim Russert Dies

Shocking news. Tim Russert, the journalist of NBC and MSNBC fame has died of an apparent heart attack. This writer has not been kind to Mr. Russert. We did not appreciate his managing of political debates. But that does not diminish our shock at the sudden and unexpected death of Mr. Russert. Mr. Russert was […]

14Jun2008 | | Comments Off on Tim Russert Dies | Continued
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Media Pendulum Swings Right

The phenomenon of the American Media is in full swing. The mass of opportunity is driven by the gravitational pull of pollsters. With the inertia growing, it seems improbable that we will see any shift to professional journalism in the near future. The throttle is open for the pendulum to swing far right. The value […]

26Apr2008 | | Comments Off on Media Pendulum Swings Right | Continued
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Bloggers in the White House? What is that about?

Son, I’m not sure Hillary Clinton understands the narrative nature of blogging. But she does understand the value of interactive media – and the need for unedited content. She was asked a question recently – well, here is the video. Dad

28Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bloggers in the White House? What is that about? | Continued
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Looking back – Jon Stewart on Monica Lewinski

Son, Jon Stewart has been around for awhile – and while his brand of humor can be antagonistic – he continues to be respected. Virtually no one attacks Jon Stewart. Why is that? Is it because he is fundamentally correct in his reasoning process? Dad

23Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Looking back – Jon Stewart on Monica Lewinski | Continued
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Hard Copy News Papers –

Son, It was a cold Saturday morning, about 4:00 AM, in November of 1963.  I was sitting on a street corner on a bundle of newspapers, reading by the streetlight.  President John F. Kennedy has been assassinated the day before.  That is my first recollection of the value of the print media. Those were memorable […]

18Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Hard Copy News Papers – | Continued
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Morning Joe degrades bloggers

Son, Joe Scarborough speaks without thinking. He operates out of biased paradigms that are fostered by the good old boys club at MSNBC. Those folks, Scarborough, Russert, Matthews, and Olberman are the bloggers of Television. Scarborough made some innocent but disparaging off hand comments about bloggers. First of all – what is a blogger. Well, […]

18Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Morning Joe degrades bloggers | Continued
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Bloggers are Parasites

Son, There is a big dog casting a shadow across the world.  His name is Internet.  Bloggers are fleas on the dog, looking for a warm nest in the forest of hairy information. Some of us are on the head, some on the tail, some under the tail, but we are all parasites.  We are […]

11Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bloggers are Parasites | Continued
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Chris Matthews on Morning Joe

Son, Chris Matthews has lost complete touch with reality. Matthews is the host of the MSNBC program Hardball. They call it Hardball because Matthews is supposed to be asking the hard questions. That was probably true – a couple of years ago. On Morning Joe this morning, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Joe and Matthews were talking […]

29Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Chris Matthews on Morning Joe | Continued
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Media Hosts fail as Celebrities

Son, A tragedy has befallen American Journalism. Cable and satellite feeds have created monster celebrities in the field of journalism. Everyone wants to be Walter Cronkite. The problem is that hey have not earned the stature. Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, Bill O’Reilly, Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, to name a few. These people have […]

25Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Media Hosts fail as Celebrities | Continued
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Blogging – Journalism with attitude

Son, This morning, Sunday, November 4. 2007, CNN’s Reliable Sources is having a discussion on blogging. You and I have been grappling with the issues of blogging and journalism for months. The professional journalists on CNN all write blogs. It seems the major news outlets are beginning to embrace the world of blogging. What are […]

4Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Blogging – Journalism with attitude | Continued
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A Bag of Slime –

Son, A day or two ago I wrote a piece I called “Bloggers – Op-Ed on Steroids.” My notion was that bloggers, including myself, are uninhibited writers – absent the politically correct urine and vinegar. Bloggers come right out and speak their mind with no editorial over site. I continue to believe there is an […]

27Oct2007 | | Comments Off on A Bag of Slime – | Continued
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Blogging – Op-Ed on steroids

Son, This world of blogging is fascinating. Large audiences can be reached with the push of a button. Bloggers rarely report the news – rather we just comment on the news. Sometimes the word ‘comment’ does not quite describe what is really happening. Blogging has become a vent for the anger of a frustrated populace. […]

26Oct2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Blogging – an artform

Son, Art has influenced human endeavor since the first cave man scratched his charred stick on the cave wall. This spark of imagination, ignited by primitive desire, generates the energy of human change and growth. Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. The Hebrews wrote the Pentateuch. The Ancient Greeks knew the value of art […]

23Oct2007 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Rush Limbaugh – the need for acceptance

Son, The human condition of social acceptance has overridden basic moral values. For centuries governments, churches, and the literary/art community have served to help define a set of moral standards, to articulate them, to promote the clarity of civilized man. There is purpose. As social creatures by nature and nurture, we all have a need […]

20Oct2007 | | Comments Off on Rush Limbaugh – the need for acceptance | Continued
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Excellent Blogging

Son, So we have been talking, and I wrote a post this morning, about where to take our blog. It occurred to me that we should be aware of fundamentals of excellence in whatever we do. Last summer (2006) I attended the National Rural Institute on Alcohol and Drug Abuse at the University of Wisconsin […]

19Oct2007 | | Comments Off on Excellent Blogging | Continued
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The bloggers market, finding a niche’

Son, You and I have had some success with this blog. First and foremost to me is the opportunity to talk with you every day – no father is more blessed. We started this thing so others could join in our father and son chats. It may be difficult for some to believe – but […]

19Oct2007 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Blogging Ethics – Internet Ethics

Son, Historically, the common denominator of civilized man has been the rule of law. Without law we have anarchy. Without law we have chaos. Without law it is every man for himself. The internet is governed only by the laws or limitations of technology. The internet is a vast and open frontier. People like to […]

18Oct2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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To the solicitors of pornography: What do you want with us?

Dad, So far, we have managed to create a nice blog that people read, without soliciting the help of sex or pornography. We talk about issues, faith, about our children and our family, we even share recipes and kitchen tips. We seem to be able to manage our blog with a reasonable readership without prostituting […]

16Oct2007 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Collecting on Soviet Debt – adventures in email

Son, Do you like the title. It is a come-on. Wal Mart would call it a loss leader. Anything to get the customer in the door. So this is really about getting someone to come look at us, and I’ll try to work in something about the Soviet Union to validate the title. It struck […]

15Oct2007 | | Comments Off on Collecting on Soviet Debt – adventures in email | Continued
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Writing, Blogging, Journalism

Son, I am trying to get this sorted out in my own mind – so I’ll just think out loud right here. Writing has many forms, creative, essay, informative, technical, and business to name a few. Each form has a function. With creative writing we expect to see plenty of colorful adjectives expounding on the […]

14Oct2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Blogging – Breaking Rules of Journalism

Son, We are in a time in history of rapid change; and some folks don’t like it. They don’t like it because change often requires challenging, if not breaking, established rules and protocols. Bloggers are struggling to get the respect of the professional journalist community. I think that is a mistake. I am not interested […]

13Oct2007 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Blogging in China

Son, So I have been blogging with you for less than two months. Actually, I never read a blog before two months ago. But I think of myself today as a blogger. I write things and I watch the statistics. It is about 2:00 on Friday afternoon. There has been about a three hour lull […]

12Oct2007 | | Comments Off on Blogging in China | Continued
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Ben Afleck on Hardball

Son, Writer, actor, director – So he gets to comment on world events. Chris Matthews is asking him about Senator’s votes for or against the Iraq War. Afleck notes the Youtube video about Cheney arguing against an invasion of Iraq. So Chris Matthews plays some clips from the Republican debate and the authority of the […]

11Oct2007 | | 9 comments | Continued
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Barack Obama – Mr. Cool

Son, I’m watching Morning Joe again. They are talking about Barack Obama – Mr. Cool. The reference is to his image versus the manner he is displaying. Barack Obama hit the national scene with the stature of remembered charismatic leaders of the past. People talked about the intelligence of Bill Clinton, the charm of John […]

11Oct2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Bill Maher on Morning Joe

Son, I am listening to MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Bill Maher will be on, but first a few comments about last evening’s Republican debate. How did Fred Thompson do? Joe says ‘…you would expect him to be more prepared.” He didn’t make any major mistakes and that is a good thing. I watched the debate and […]

10Oct2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Barack Obama, attacked by skeeterites

Son, Barack is being attacked – and the campaign risks spiraling into trivia. But there are important points to be made. Barack does not wear one of those American Flag Lapel pins. Some have said that he is not patriotic because of this. Whoeee! Someone is nuts or something. Barack responded with a long soliloquy […]

5Oct2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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how debt, spirituality, and corruption are shaping our conversations…

Dad, This format, the fireside, is a wonderful way for us to have the kinds of conversations that we have always had. We meander through subjects, we get excited and passionate, and we have small talk and sometimes just take a nap. The difference that we are running in to here is that the format […]

5Oct2007 | | Comments Off on how debt, spirituality, and corruption are shaping our conversations… | Continued
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Insanity on the internet – dismissing wackos

Son, Bill O’Reily uses the term, ‘insanity on the net.” He is mad because of criticism that he cannot pinpoint so he casts his blanket curse. Shawn Hannity refers to Congressman Murtha as being insane. He is mad because a respected congressman does not agree with him. Are these guys nuts or something? If we […]

4Oct2007 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Hannah Montana – Skeeterites victim

Son, You and I have been talking about the possibility of commenting on some particular celebrities. Bill O’Reilly had a segment this evening on that very topic. The world of celebrity blogging apparently is very big and popular. The problem is that they have crossed the line with fabricating stories. We have compared blogging to […]

4Oct2007 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Anonymous Blogging – is there value?

Son, Words – are they the same if you know who said them than if you do not know? Do words stand on their own? Does an idea stand on it’s own? Or is in necessary to put everything in the context of who said it? I write as Ohg Rea Tone, a nom de […]

2Oct2007 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Bloggers blog! a New age of Journalism.

Son, Everybody wants to be something. We tell people that we like to read, or we like to paint, or we like to write, or we like computers..we all want some identity with what we think we are. Here is the reality – writers write, painters paint, potters pot, and bloggers blog. But bloggers use […]

28Sep2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Sarcasm – a toxic elixir

Son, I can be thoughtful – and I can be sarcastic. The sarcasm is a strategy learned many years ago while growing up. It is an old recipe, handed down through generations in my family. I have used it well to win fights – and I have lost many wars. You have heard me say […]

28Sep2007 | | Comments Off on Sarcasm – a toxic elixir | Continued
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Blogs versus real journalism

Son, We are having fun with this blog, but we sometimes write about serious stuff – and we want to be taken seriously. If we want to be taken seriously then should there not be some due diligence on our part – Some standard by which we hold ourselves accountable? The blogosphere is viewed by […]

26Sep2007 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Betty Bowers: oh, so clever…

Dad, I sent you that link about Harry Potter. I didn’t really read it because I have heard enough of all that, but I knew you were reading one of the books. You are right, though, it is funny. Actually, its very funny, and it is powerfully real. Betty Bowers is one of my new […]

25Sep2007 | | Comments Off on Betty Bowers: oh, so clever… | Continued
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Cursed by Clever Harry Potter Humor

Son, Someone got to us. That web site previously referred to as some wacko fundamentalist is actually a spoof on on wacko Christianity – it is very well done! Here it is again! I love a good joke – even if it is on me. Now why would I be so ready to believe all […]

25Sep2007 | | Comments Off on Cursed by Clever Harry Potter Humor | Continued
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Publishing A Novel

Son, I have written a novel. Now – how do I get it published? I finished the novel last February. I wrote a goofy synopsis and sent it to about fifty agents. Most of the agents curtly responded, ‘Uh…No thanks.” Some of them wanted to see more samples of the story. I have received several […]

23Sep2007 | | Comments Off on Publishing A Novel | Continued
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Marxism and McCarthyism

Son, Conservative commentators are out of control. I am on a toot about the irresponsible comments of Michael Reagan! Because there are some of us who believe in the merits of health care for all Americans, Mr. Reagan calls us Marxist. This type of name calling discredits the history of noble discourse, also guaranteed by […]

22Sep2007 | | Comments Off on Marxism and McCarthyism | Continued